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Stuck in a rut

Posted by Patricia_Marie
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on Friday, 05 February 2016
Dear Patricia Marie,

I've never written to an Agony Aunt before, and thought I would try this time, as I have read some of your answers to others' problems and am comforted by how thoughtfully you reply.

I am at a crossroads in my life, trying to decide whether to move home, stay with my partner, change jobs, everything really. One of my friends suggested I go to see a clairvoyant who may be able to point me in the right direction. I am feeling stuck, and desperately need some help in making decisions, but am not sure whether I would just be wasting my time. How do I know what they tell me is not just made-up nonsense? Do you think I should go?

Patricia Marie says...

When we feel unhappy with our lot, be it in our relationships, career, health or other matters, we can either be inspired to make different choices or become paralysed with fear. It seems you are feeling overwhelmed at this moment, and panicking, wanting to alter your life overnight. However, making hasty decisions will be sure to bring, not contentment, but chaos to your already turbulent emotions, so instead can you ask yourself "Which is the one area of my life that I feel by changing, could make me happier?" Often small changes can make a huge overall impact, and become the catalyst for further shifts in one's lifestyle.

The purpose of a clairvoyant is not to tell you what to do, but to highlight the choices you have before you, and give you a psychic insight to what could happen if you take different paths. However, you will need to have a little faith that your chosen clairvoyant can help guide you, so I suggest that if possible you visit a reputable one who is recommended to you. Naturally there are no guarantees, but if your psychic were to convey to you that in the not too distant future things are expected to turn out well, it could encourage you to make those changes in your life.

Have you considered some professional guidance such as Relate, to help with your faltering relationship, or a meeting with a recruitment agency to explore alternative career opportunities? Ask yourself why you feel the need to move – do you expect a change of address to rejuvenate your life? If you are merely running from your problems, most, if not all, will still remain after the move, unless you address them, and work towards solutions.

Whilst you are at this crossroads, it could be helpful to receive both support and guidance, whether it be from a clairvoyant, or any other source, but ultimately, making our own decisions about the future can be empowering, and one of the most satisfying lessons in life.
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I found a lump

Posted by Patricia_Marie
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on Friday, 29 January 2016
Dear Patricia Marie,

I need some advice please. I found a lump in my breast, and my GP has now referred me for further tests as a matter of urgency. I am divorced, and have a daughter, aged 21, who is studying hard at university.

I am scared, and have no one to confide in as everyone else has their own problems. Do you think I should tell my daughter, or should I wait for the results?

I don't know how to go about this.

Patricia Marie says...

Firstly, comfort yourself with the fact that a high percentage of lumps are found to be non-cancerous, and even if yours should prove to be malignant, research is continually discovering and developing effective treatments, meaning many people are now fighting and overcoming the disease.
I feel there are actually two issues contained within this problem – whether to tell your daughter, and how to receive some support. You do not have to deal with your fears alone. Whilst awaiting your results, discuss how you are feeling with your GP, as well as Macmillan Cancer Support. They are a reliable, dedicated organisation whose advice and care continue to be completely invaluable both for sufferers and their families.

Your daughter may have already picked up on your emotions, and be concerned, but unsure how to approach you. By trying to protect her, and withholding such delicate information, she could be hurt that you were unable to share what may become life changing news.

If you do decide to tell her, establish your own perspective on the diagnosis first. Be honest with her as you talk through your feelings, which could range widely from fear to anger to acceptance. Whether you're waiting nervously for test results, and would appreciate some encouragement, have had a scare that fortunately turned out ok, or need treatment and would welcome some support, find the courage to open up to her about your concerns. This can be the first step towards feeling more in control, and could deepen your relationship by building trust.

Try not to dismiss others as being too busy to listen and help you. You could be denying them their chance to be there for you. We all experience challenging times, some more painful than others, and sharing them is truly the best way.
This is a very uncertain time for you, but what you can be sure of is that receiving compassion, understanding and support from your loved ones will help you triumph over whatever you are having to face.

Macmillan Cancer Support: 0808 808 0000 Monday to Friday 9am-8pm.
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A morning with Phillip Kingsley

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 28 January 2016
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the press launch for Phillip Kingsley's new PK Prep line, a luxurious styling range that's infused with formulas to strengthen the foundations of your hair. The range is a trio of products: the Perfecting Spray, Plumping Cream and Polishing Balm.

As I enter the galactic elevator at the Sanderson Hotel, I was excited to be immersed in an hours worth of hair talk- as an enthusiast of all things hair and beauty, I'm already quite familiar with the Phillip Kingsley brand.

katrina-blogThe new PK Prep range including the Perfecting Spray, Plumping Cream and Polishing Balm

I got to talk to Phillip Kingsley's daughter, Anabel Kingsley, Director of Communications and trichologist at Phillip Kingsley. She gave me a run down behind the science of the products and how to get the perfect blow dry.

Each of the products have their own application tips:

The Plumping Cream, don't over dry your hair when thoroughly blow drying it dry- even a few seconds of heat on dry hair can be damaging.

The Polishing Balm can give your hair a shiny, sleek look when applied on dry hair, and for those unruly hair lines, add a small amount of product to an eyebrow brush and work through to tidy up the area.

The Polishing Spray works best when layered, building more product into the hair when styling. This doesn't burden the hair with product, but rather remains lightweight, and when blow dried with a large brush, creates perfect volume.

The event was a great way to kick start my morning, and I'm definitely excited to incorporate the products into my haircare routine!
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The ulitmate pamper session

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 26 January 2016
When it comes to a pampering session, there are few things that will do the job better than a visit to the salon.

After a successful pop-up salon in south Kensington, The Bardou Express Blow Dry Bar have made a home in Covent Garden (right around the corner from The Lady HQ!).

Having had a bad experience with a blow dry bar before (after leaving the salon it wasn't even 30 mins before my hair was back to the way it was before the appointment), I was dubious about trying another. Thankfully I took the plunge because Bardou is my new favourite saloon.


From the moment I walked in, the retro tunes (it's like they knew I was coming!), the lights around the mirrors at each station a la old school Hollywood, and the champagne and cupcake I was given on arrival, I realised this was my kind of place.

Off to a party in a Marilyn Monroe esque dress I opted for big hair like the icon herself.

Their philosophy is first class styling with first class stylists and that was given from the off.


Daniel the salon manager was incredibly tentative and a pleasure to chat to whilst I waited for my appointment.

The stylist (stylists work on a freelance basis so you might not always be able to get the same one but they all have 15 years of experience in the hair industry so whoever you get you'll be in safe hands) was great. Not only was he chatty but he knew exactly what I wanted and ran with it; sat in front of the lit mirror I felt just a little like a star.


I couldn't have been happier with the result and positively bounded out of the salon, taking the time to catch a glimpse of myself in every shop window I passed.

For the feel good and look god factor, when it comes to blow dry bars, call of the search, we've found a winner.
Bardou, 44 Shelton St. WC2H 9HZ, Covent Garden, London. Open Tuesday until Saturday from 9am to 9pm:
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Grab your swimming costume! It's a full moon

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 25 January 2016
Do you know what you'll be doing on the next full moon?

Well the team from Secret Adventures do, they'll be swimming in lidos, rivers and lakes across London every full moon in 2016.


To celebrate the full moon swims for this year, the team at Secret Adventures invited a group to an evening of swimming, followed by food (supplied by Foods Unearthed) and singing around the campfire.

Just under an hour of swimming was the perfect thing to build an appetite for our campfire feast and despite the rain, the cold, and my forgetting of waterproof trousers and a blanket (was saved there as the Secret Adventures team had enough picnic blankets for all), I had a great time.


And after a swim what could be better than live music and great food? FYI campfire cooked camembert is the best thing ever and my new campfire food favourite.

I went on my own, knowing a few people from the group but I'd say that if you wanted to go alone but were worried about sitting in the corner with no one to chat to then don't worry; everyone was very friendly and chatty.


Overall, I would definitely be up for donning my bikini and partaking in a bit of night time swimming again!

The night time, full moon swims will be accompanied by a delightful camp fire and marshmallows. All you need to bring is a picnic, your swim suit and wear something warm!

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