Horoscopes: 11 - 24 April

By Victor Olliver


CapricornCAPRICORN - 22 December to 20 January
The temptation is to act for the sake of it over a career or family issue. Has it occurred to you to let ‘fate’ decide? Sit back.


AquariusAQUARIUS - 21 January to 19 February
‘Education’ is not just about school or college. It’s any kind of learning. You’re about to study again – and it does look like fun.


PiscesPISCES - 20 February to 20 March
Do you know a ‘psychic vampire’? Someone who sucks the life out of a room (or you)? Use the Lunar Eclipse to wave bye-bye.



ARIES - 21 March to 20 April
Show you care in a very special bond – but be no one’s pushover. New ground rules must be set to counter someone’s ‘notice-me’ egotism.


TaurusTAURUS - 21 April to 21 May
Stifle that yawn! Quite soon you’ll find a way to free up your days a lot more to follow a vocation of choice – a process of self-liberation.


GeminiGEMINI - 22 May to 21 June
Annoyed as you are by the outside world’s demands on precious time, very fruitful experiences are assured in unexpected ways and places.


CancerCANCER - 22 June to 22 July
It is perfectly possible to pursue a career objective and arrange a home repair all at once. Just do what needs doing and stop worrying.


LeoLEO - 23 July to 23 August
Super-restlessness paralyses decision-making. Set aside time for relaxation, such as shiatsu or a spa soak. In Nirvana, inspiration strikes.


VIRGO - 24Virgo August to 23 September
Testing a partner’s love or commitment in tiny ways is a natural part of intimacy. What’s perfect? Just beware of overdoing it right now.


LibraLIBRA - 24 September to 23 October
Such is the pace of events, life with a lover or partner may feel out of your control. Advice? Stay flexible – adapt and you’ll survive!


ScorpioSCORPIO - 24 October to 22 November
Libra Lunar Eclipse brings a sense of an era coming to an end. The corollary is that a new life phase is in its infancy. Embrace the new.


SagittariusSAGITTARIUS - 23 November to 21 December
A humanitarian or ‘caring’ responsibility settles on your shoulders – and while this presents a challenge, it’s a highly satisfying one.


Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecasting Guide by Victor Olliver is out now. www.victorolliver.com

Twitter: @VictorOlliver

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