02 City Proof Facial at K West Hotel

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By Annette Kellow

I am what can only be described as a flirt when it comes to skincare. I love to try new products and mix and match cleaners, washes and creams as frequently as one changes their socks. This does not always stand me in good stead as I found out recently when my skin reacted to a new ‘combo’ I had tried. Teamed with running around being busy, my skin was in need of a little tlc so I decided to head to the K West Hotel which has a spa that is personalised and curated around your needs.

K West is conveniently located very close to Shepherds Bush, a stones throw from Westfield Shopping centre, and still close enough to get into central London within 10 minutes. Downstairs they have an oasis of calm, or what can only be described as a secret paradise with Hydrotherapy pool, herbal steam room, treatment rooms and a Dry Flotation room.

I decided to try the 02 City Proof Facial as I felt my skin had become a combination of dry and oily with frequent breakouts which is not a good look! Due to the new creams I had used reacting with my skin, I wanted something soothing that would bring the PH level back to what it was supposed to be.

My therapist brought me into a scented room with relaxing music and began a double cleanse on skin with Germaine De Capuccini Removal Milk. Followed by toning and a deep exfoliation the first 02 mask was put on. Aptly named Pure Recharge it was a bubble mask which you felt lightly bubbling on the skin- no pain just the products working into the skin. Gel foam when in contact with the skin releases a great concentration of pure oxygen and whilst this was working it’s magic I received the most amazing head and neck massage. She used an anti-ageing massage oil and I went into a deep state of bliss, so much so that when she told me she was removing the mask I had to ask her twice what she said- I wasn’t asleep but let's just say I was on the way out!

The second mask applied was called a Dual–Matrix Advanced Facial Mask which was a higher concentrate and more thicker mask which works into the skin to nourish and replenish lost moisture. The massage was also back I’m pleased to say! This time it was a hand massage of which she pressed on pressure points and then it was finished with a Royal Jelly cream and firming eye cream.

I also enjoyed the after part of the faical- tea in the relaxation room of the spa so I could slowly come back to normality. K West is a hidden gem with it’s highlights including facials, massage and a Scandanavian style sauna- an effective trilogy and a triple threat!

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