10 flowers you must have in your living room this Autumn

Autumn is here, and that means a whole new set of flowers are available from florists around the UK. With so many varieties to choose from in-store, we consulted floral expert and Florismart ambassador, Jonathan Moseley, to help us choose what flowers we simply must have in our homes this season.

With a recent study revealing that one in five British woman have fantasised about becoming a florist, BBC star, Jonathan has provided his top tips and tricks to help you create florist-worthy displays this season.

If you are after any further inspiration, pop into see your local high street florist for a chat. They will be overflowing with creative ideas for Autumn and can work with you to make an arrangement that suits what you need.


There is a fantastic array now available from florists at the moment, many without horrid thorns on the stem. Rosehips varieties come in a variety of sizes from a pinhead to a cherry tomato in a colour scheme of red, green and orange. They last for up to eight weeks.


Revisit this traditional favourite as they look extremely sculptural and dramatic when arranged on mass with a few stems of twisted willow, hazel or straight-stemmed lime green Cornus.

Chinese Lanterns

These fun, striking orange lanterns are brilliant either in an arrangement or placed on top of dressers as they will dry out naturally within the home. Why not create a simple table arrangement by placing some single lanterns in a wooden bowl along with some Crab apples and rosehips.


These elegant tall long stemmed bulb flowers are amazingly long lasting. They are perfect for warm interiors and are available in vibrant hot-pinks, pale pink, whites and even shades of fuchsia.

Crab-Apples ( Malus )

Why not  create an  autumnal harvest feel within the home by laying a couple of branches of crab-apples across the mantel piece or fire place. You could mix in some candles, fir cones and pomegranates to create an instant but effective display.


For a classic table display mass five or six heads together in a low vintage bowl or a classic urn and just add 2cm of water. Gradually they will then dry out in the heat of the room to create a permanent decoration. As Christmas approaches you could guild then with some aerosol paint or glitter spray.


For a dynamic tropical effect then these pin-cushion proteas with their unusual wiry flowerheads are like natures fireworks in vibrant golds, yellows, oranges and reds.

Chrysanthemum blooms

These are the timeless classics of Autumn. Varieties like Tom Pearce are the quintessential Autumn flower but revisit these familiar blooms by looking out for new varieties like Brandy Red or John Riley for an alternative colour scheme.

Ornamental Brassica

For an effective display in the kitchen why not  group together these decorative cabbages in galvanised or zinc jugs. There are lots of varieties but look out for crane queen, ksenia and frilly crane.

Gourds and pumpkins

I love lining these upon a window edge, on a dresser or across the mantle. The more knarled and knobbly the better. Look out for the Turks Turban with their amazing colour scheme. A display or gourds will last right into Christmas and beyond. You can have a go at drying them out by gently piercing them with a fork and placing them somewhere warm and well ventilated.