2018 Christmas Gift Guide: For Children

For Harry Potter fans the Lego Quidditch Match should be perfect for filling that post-stocking lull before lunch and the divine replica Mini Cooper for the lego-pro is top of our list. Lure the little ones outside for some fresh air with the beautifully designed and amazing value Schwinn Trike and super-cool Pro-Stunt Scooter. We couldn't resist the vintage logo Gucci t-shirt for babies and the gorgeous Teddy Bear Rompers from Ivy & Wilde are offered at 10% discount to our lady.co.uk readers (see below for details). For pre-teens (or champagne induced adults) what better way to spend Boxing Day than crooning into a Lucky Voice karaoke machine, or delving into the stunningly designed collectors edition of fantasy-heist in Six of Crows.

Ivy & Wilde Romper one time discount code: ladymag10 (valid until 15.12.18)