5 reasons you should adopt, not shop

by Stephanie Evans

1. You’re providing a warm, loving home to a dog in need of care.

Dogs that are up for adoption may have been mistreated or not cared for properly by previous owners so lack any care or attention. Dogs usually end up in shelters due to problems such as a divorce or move, and rarely due to the animal's behaviour. By adopting a dog, you are able to transform an abandoned dog’s world around.

2. It’s less expensive than buying a new dog.

Adopting a pet is much cheaper than buying a new born puppy from breeders, which can range from anywhere between £800-£2000 depending on the breed- often, it only costs between £100-£150 to adopt. In addition, pre-owned dogs are usually already house trained which means you won’t have to spend time house training your dog.

3. Adopting animals helps to eradicate puppy farms and mills.

A puppy farm, or mill, is the illegal practice of breeding puppies for the sole purpose of maximising profit. People that own puppy factories have little regard for the health and well being of the puppy’s of the dogs that they breed. The adult dogs are forced to breed several times which is detrimental to their health, and they are often kept in terrible conditions without basic necessities. Adopting from a shelter aids in stopping dogs from being subjected to such horrific circumstances, as rather than funding this illegal trade, you will be rehoming a pet from a loving home that cares for the welfare of the dog.

4. Animal shelters provide help in finding a dog that suits your personality and what you’re looking for.

For example, you are able to adopt older animals which might suit your personal needs more as older dogs are often calmer than puppies, and can be happy just sitting with your company rather than demanding constant attention and fuss. Additionally, animal shelters/ charities stay in contact with adoptees and can help with any queries or worries you may have. 

5. Adopting a dog from a shelter helps more than just one dog.

There are thousands of abandoned and stray animals that are in need of a loving home, however, shelters have limited space. When you adopt an animal from a shelter you are allowing space for more animals to be taken in and cared for. You feel a sense of achievement and can feel proud knowing you have adopted an animal in need of loving.