5 tips for blow drying at home

Looking for a blow dry that’ll blow you away? It’s the pilgrimage many of us go to the salon to find. If your arm aches at the thought of blow-drying at home, don’t fret; blow drying isn’t just blasting at your hair for 84 hours. With a few easy tweaks to your routine, you can have that salon standard blow-dry right at home.

Steven Carey has an illustrious career spanning a decade of working on hair shows worldwide. The famed hairdresser – with his own eponymous salon in Mayfair – is today bringing us his top five top tips to blow drying at home:

1. Keep your dryer at a distance – we’re not talking about filing a restraining order from your hairdryer or treating it like that weird guy in a bar. Instead, keep it at a gentle distance from your hair as you dry it. Too close and it will damage and dry-out your locks. Moreover, don’t jump into the deep end by blowing it right out of the shower; towel drying will decrease any potential damage.

2. Brush at the roots – the root of lifeless hair are your roots. If you want volume and lift from your hair, then it’ll be uplifting to know that by brushing at the roots and drying from root to ends, keeping the brush moving at all times, will give your hair that extra oomph it rightly deserves.

3. The bigger the brush, the smoother the hair – now, this is something you shouldn’t brush off. Know what brush better suits your hair. The basic rule is small brushes for curlier styles and larger brushes for straighter styles. The size of the brush also depends on the length of hair, as for straighter blow dries, use as large a brush as the hair will allow.

4. Follow-ups – you must follow the brush with the dryer to smooth down the cuticles. When doing so, use the hair dryer nozzle to concentrate the heat from the dryer squarely on the cuticle. Whereas without, the heat is splashed around without direction.

5. Smooth endings – by ensuring the ends of your do are smooth, as that is what most people look after all, can really makes a difference in finishing a blow dry. To iron out those creases and wet spots, let your hair set as you dry. Letting your hair cool down on the brush before moving onto the next section will help with those smooth endings and make your style last longer.

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