5 Ways Dry January Can Benefit Your Skin

5 Ways Dry January Can Benefit Your Skin

Dry January can have positive impact on your skin; from an improved complexion to an overall healthier appearance, the benefits are endless. Sara Waterman, Senior Aesthetician at Young LDN (www.youngldn.com), shares her insights on five key benefits that abstinence from alcohol can have on your skin.

1. Enhanced Hydration

Skin can be left dehydrated after consuming alcohol. This is because alcohol is adiuretic which tends to extract water from the body, resulting in dehydration. This dehydration can contribute to a lacklustre appearance and make fine lines appear deeper. By abstaining from alcohol, your skin has the opportunity to regain moisture, leading to a more radiant complexion and glow from within.

2. Reduce Breakouts

Alcohol has the potential to disrupt hormones such as oestrogen and cortisol, as well as elevate blood sugar levels, all of which are known contributors to acne breakouts. Taking a break from alcohol, you can expect fewer breakouts, redness and irritation, as the body's hormonal balance is restored, positively impacting the overall vibrancy and health of your skin.

3. Reduce Puffiness

Alcohol puts additional strain on the body’s detoxification process, which requires the lymphatic system to eliminate alcohol toxins. This can result in feeling and looking puffy, and bloated especially around the eyes in addition to dark circles. By abstaining from alcohol, your lymphatic system doesn't have to work as hard, leading to reduced puffiness and a more revitalised brighter appearance.

4. Prevent Collagen Breakdown

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (and the sugar contained within) has been linked to the breakdown of collagen - a crucial protein responsible for skin structure and firmness. The breakdown of collagen contributes to the development of fine lines and skin sagging. By abstaining from alcohol, individuals can help slow down the collagen-depleting process known as glycation, thereby preserving the skin's elasticity and aiding a vibrant and youthful complexion.

5. Reduce the Appearance of Veins

Ethanol, a by-product of alcohol metabolisation, expands blood vessels within the skin. With chronic alcohol consumption, these blood vessels become permanently dilated, leading to visible ‘spider veins’ or broken capillaries which will require laser treatment to remove. Reducing your alcohol intake can help to ensure that your skin remains clear and blemish free, giving the appearance of an even skin tone.

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