6 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain Over Christmas

6 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain Over Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time marked by celebrations and the indulgence in delectable festive treats while basking in the warmth of loved ones. Yet, for those dedicated to a year-round fitness regimen, the holiday season can present a challenge. The looming question of whether the Christmas party will offer healthier options or if abstaining from alcoholic beverages will be perceived as dull can be daunting. To navigate this delicate balance, we sought advice from Reiss Mogilner, trainer and owner of F45 Mill Hill who shares invaluable insights on maintaining your fitness and finding healthy alternatives amidst the festivities.

Opt for Healthy Food Swaps

Amidst the abundance of holiday feasts, consider incorporating healthy food swaps. Choose nutrient-dense options, such as vegetable-based appetisers or lean protein sources. Swap traditional high-calorie dishes for their healthier counterparts without compromising on taste. For instance, opt for roasted sweet potatoes instead of traditional potatoes, or enjoy a flavourful vegetable medley alongside your festive favourites.

Embrace Realistic Expectations

Acknowledge that the Christmas season naturally involves increased consumption of food and drinks, along with potential disruptions to sleep patterns. Embrace the essence of the festive season, allowing yourself the freedom to revel in the joy, dance, and laughter without harbouring guilt. Remember, it's a time to cut yourself some slack and relish the well-deserved fun.

Choose your Drinks Wisely

While revelling in the festive spirit of eating and drinking, make mindful choices with your beverages. Opt for spirits paired with low-calorie mixers, a more favourable option than calorie-dense alternatives. This decision allows you to partake in the merriment without compromising your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, maintaining adequate water intake supports digestion, helps control appetite, and contributes to overall vitality. Incorporating hydrating beverages, such as herbal teas or infused water, adds a refreshing element to holiday celebrations.

Stay Active in Creative Ways

Physical activity is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and the holiday season offers ample opportunities to stay active in creative ways. Whether it's organising early morning family walks, engaging in winter sports, or participating in festive-themed workouts with friends, incorporating movement into celebrations ensure your fitness remains part of your routine amidst your festive plans.

Integrating Resistance Training and Strategic Cardio

Leverage the positive calorie balance from increased holiday eating to your advantage by intensifying resistance training at the gym. Focus on weightlifting exercises to build muscle and sculpt your physique, laying the foundation for a strong and healthy body when warmer months roll around. This approach, particularly in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes like those at F45, maximises fat burning, helping you maintain balance amid festive indulgences (www.f45training.co.uk).  Furthermore, enhancing your resistance training during the festive period of culinary delights by incorporating compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, chin-ups, lunges, and shoulder presses into your workout routine. These compound movements activate multiple muscle groups, resulting in a more pronounced 'anabolic' effect, effectively burning calories even during rest periods.

Dance Into Fitness

Surprisingly, a night of dancing with friends can contribute positively to your fitness journey. Dance floors become impromptu workout spaces, burning calories ranging from 350 to 600 per hour. So, whenever the opportunity arises during the party season, hit the dance floor and revel in both the joy of the festivities and an active calorie-burning session.

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