Abigail James' 4 Skin Saving Tips for the Party Season

In a spot of bother: The dreaded pre-party pimple

A blemish the day before your Christmas party can seem like a nightmare but the most important thing to do is not panic. Abigail recommends do not squeeze, that will only make it worse! Instead, follow the simple steps below to ensure you have a flawless complexion for your party makeup:

Instead of squeezing, sterilise a needle or pin by holding it in a burning flame. Let it cool, then very carefully make a tiny pinprick on the white area. Wrap tissue around the fingers and gently apply pressure on the side of the spot. Do not force it and apply antibacterial to the area immediately after.

Apply an ice cube to the spot throughout the day to reduce inflammation. 

Apply Salicylic acid, zinc, tea tree, lavender or TCP directly to the blemish. All have antibacterial properties to help reduce the size and redness of the spot, also decreasing chances of infection in other areas. 

Ban the bags: The perfect cure for tired eyes

Late nights often manifest themselves under our eyes, leaving us looking tired, and our skin lacklustre. A quick and easy at-home solution that Abigail James recommends is perfect to wake up our eyes before an important meeting or night number two! 

Blend together;

* 1/4 cucumber

* 1/2 potatoe

* 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera

*2 tablespoons of witch hazel

*1/2 teaspoon of green matcha tea

* A small sprig of Rosemary

Decant the liquid into an ice-cube tray and freeze overnight. The next morning, rub a cube over and around the whole eye area as needed. Your under- eyes will look noticeably brighter.

Abigail’s Tip:

Dark colour under the eyes comes from the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. Vitamin K is an essential nutrient for supporting the body’s blood clotting factors. If you suffer with dark under eye circles, ensure your eye cream contains Vitamin K to strengthen capillary walls to prevent dark circles. 

Liver Love: From the inside out

The liver can often be the biggest casualty of the party season; few can resist a hot toddy or two. The health of the liver is vital to the vibrancy and clarity of the skin as its role is to remove toxins, such as alcohol and caffeine, amongst other things. It is key that we take extra care of it during the run up to Christmas.

Abigails James recommendations to cleanse the liver:

1) Eat more ‘clean foods’ that help the liver break down toxins. This means cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, dark green leafy vegetables (watercress, spinach, rocket, kale and spring greens).

Season superstars include Brussel sprouts, so think twice before passing on them! Other food groups that optimise liver health include berries, citrus fruits, fresh herbs and spices, especially turmeric

2) Kick start your liver: begin each day with a cup of hot water with lemon, turmeric and cayenne pepper or fresh ginger

3) Chlorella is amazing to include in your pre- party prep to prevent hangovers, to give both the skin and liver an extra boost. It’s great for skin and prevents liver health.

Post-Party: wake up with a head start and clear head!

When we get home after a late night, it is all too easy to retire with only a face wipe in hand. RESIST! The dreaded wipes are not cleansing your face and tend to leave a pore clogging film on the skin. I recommend an all-in-one cleansing balm or oil to quickly massage over the whole face. Cleansing balms and oils remove everything, including your festive red lip, brows and waterproof mascara. A super quick solution before bed and really effective. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

Abigail’s Tip: Spirits of Christmas’ Past

Opt for clean spirits at Christmas. My drink of choice would be a vodka cranberry or a long cocktail. Long cocktails with refreshing rose, lavender or rosemary water are hydrating and you don’t have to compromise on the fun!

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