Acupuncture: Tried and Tested

Does it work?
acupuncture-maureen-176Maureen has been practising for 26 years
Whenever I think of acupuncture, my brain always conjures up images of Pinhead from Hellraiser. I couldn't see how little pins would help me overcome my anxiety or how it could help women deal with menopause and infertility. That was before I tried it.

Maureen Cromey is a specialist in Chinese medicine and has been practising for 26 years, so if there is anyone who can tell me a bit about how these fine little needles would do me some good, then it is definitely her.

For Maureen the best thing about acupuncture is that it really gets to the base of a problem and allows the body to heal itself.

On top of that the benefits for women are numerous. It can balance hormones helping to promote a normal menstrual cycle, and help deal with the side effects of the menopause. It has also has success in turning breech babies during pregnancy.

During my session I was hoping to reduce my stress and anxiety levels.

I was a tad nervous (obviously, Miss Nervous UK!) whilst lying on the table. Firstly because I had been asked to remove my tights and being the depths of winter, to put it bluntly I hadn't shaved my legs. Oh the shame. Secondly I was worried that as soon as the treatment began I'd be in a significant amount of pain.

Memories of when I had my nose pierced came flooding back; the pain of it and the fainting afterwards. As Maureen told me she would be inserting the first needle I braced myself.

Happily for me I can confirm that acupuncture does not hurt. The way I'd describe it is like a tiny prick from a sewing needle. The needle in my ear was felt a tad more, but all in all, as someone who is a complete wimp when it comes to pain, it was fine.

acupuncture-02-590They may look scary but these pins cause very little pain

Once I had been covered in needles I was left to relax for 20 minutes. The sensation once the needles have been inserted, I can only describe as a warm throbbing. I found it quite comforting that I could feel something happening.

As someone who panics about EVERYTHING (my office phone rings and I automatically assume it's my boss summoning me so he can sack me), afterwards I generally felt a lot more chilled out. Even now, several weeks after my treatment, things that would stress me out beyond belief, I'm managing to deal with a lot better.

Depending on what you're hoping to treat will determine how many sessions you need. Just one session can make a difference (this can certainly be said for me). The more sessions you have, the bigger the difference.

My top tip would be to find a therapist you are comfortable with. Sessions can be quite personal. If the reason you are trying acupuncture is to deal with stress or anxiety, you have to feel comfortable telling your therapist what it is that is stressing you out.

In my case, Maureen made me feel incredibly comfortable. Being able to tell her the things that stress me out enabled her to tailor make a session for me and get optimum results.

I couldn't recommend acupuncture more.

Maureen Cromey MBAcC MRCHM

Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic, 26 Devonshire Road W4 2HD

Acupuncture at Ella Clinic, 106 Harley Street London W1G7JE