Advice from the archive

We delved into our archives to find some beauty, fashion and etiquette advise from WWII
'A fire that looks cheerful and blazes away may be very nice in a living –room, but it is unsuitable for cooking. The fire which blazes and crackles most does not always give out the most heat'  Burning Wood – 4th January 1945

'Sawing wood is not hard work, provided that the saw is sharp and correctly set...Logs are best split with an axe'  Burning Wood' – 4th January 1945

'Now that all girls are wearing suits the blouse is more than ever important. A bold check in bright colours looks well with a plain suit' Girls' Choice, 11th January 1945

'We can have few new pairs, so we must choose durable shoes; we must walk and work more than we used to do, so we must have comfortable ones which keep the feet in good health. And, with all this, we want good-looking shoes' 18th Jan, 1945

'Bright colours go admirably over black suits and dresses, two much chosen shades being raspberry red and ultramarine blue' Choosing a Coat, 25th January, 1945

'Work around the house and in the kitchen would be a happier affair if undertaken in suitable clothes' Clothes We Work In, 1st February 1945

'Now that the use of cosmetics is so general, a woman deprived of them may find their absence demoralising' Cosmetics in Prison, 8th February 1945

'On the whole the balance shows us better dressed middle-life women in the case of those who have ideas, initiative and a knowledge of what they really look like' Dressing the Woman of Forty-Five, 8th February 1945

'Dresses now must keep us steady company: we cannot afford to have something special for different occasions' Dresses Show a Return to Elegance, 15th February 1945

'It is essential to know what you aim at in buying children's clothes: is it long wear, gaiety, practicality, or do you try to make an impression among the other mothers? Dressing the Little Girl, 1st March 1945

'A mother must put her own ideas into the background if her children are to feel comfortable and happy in their clothes.' Dressing the little Little Girl, 1st March 1945

'Given a little warmth and moisture, any seed which has the spark of life in it will make a start into growth, but only a good one, given the best of conditions from start to finish, will make a good plant.' Beginner's Garden: Before You Sow Your Seeds, 8th March 1945

'The key to success in hat choosing is first to know what fashion is about in the making of hats to-day, and then to know the basic rules of choice according to shape of face, build of body and colouring' Choosing a Hat, 19th April 1945

'If you incline to stoutness, by any chance, then you want to wear a coat or dress with straight-down lines; avoid any which cut you horizontally' In the Public Eye: Dressing for Appearances, 26th April, 1945

'Most leftovers can, with little trouble, be made into tasty dishes, useful for supper or high-tea' Good Use of Leftovers, 26 April 1945