For millennia, we lived and healed naturally. Then, scientific progress slowly moved us away from nature. For all its promise and benefits, modern medicine immersed us in a synthetic world.

Our break with nature was only a century or two ago — not long in Earth’s terms — but today, our food has more preservatives than nutrients, our medicines more chemicals than cures, our bodies more drugs than immunity.

From the first synthetic medicines, to the first pesticides, to the first food additives, each represents a step away from a time when healers looked to the land for relief from disease.

AlchemLife invites you to step back into nature

A pioneer in plant-based, natural health solutions for decades, AlchemLife finds nature-based support using our proprietary PhytoAdvance plant extraction methods. Our “farm to pharmacy” approach harvests the ‘Phyto-active’ ingredients from nature’s most trusted sources, creating the ideal synergistic composition.

But what is “Phyto-actives”?  It is the ‘active ingredients’ in traditional medicinal plants that give them their therapeutic value. These active ingredients are called ‘Phyto-actives’, and they are the most powerful ingredients in traditional medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants were and still are one of the best sources of drugs. 25% of the actual allopathic drugs on the market are deriving from plants very often used in form of extracts since immemorial time. In the extracts the active principles are naturally present normally in complexed form with their physiologic vehicles to improve the bioavailability.

AlchemLife’s natural healthcare solutions are clinically tested and free from the side effects associated with conventional pharmaceuticals. Our PhytoAdvance Technology is an end-to-end, “farm to pharmacy” method of plant extraction inspired by ancient understandings of traditional medicine. AlchemLife solutions offer natural relief and symptom support for a variety of ailments including cold and flu, joint stiffness and pain. AlchemLife serves customers across three continents – North America, Europe, and Asia – to stay naturally healthy for life. 

Discover PhytoRelief

A natural supplement for supporting immune function and protecting the

respiratory tract. It contains a unique blend of concentrated plant actives of GingerG321, TurmericG311 and PomegranateG331 which have been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicinal systems to provide effective relief from symptoms such as common cold, cough and sore/itchy throat. These ingredients strengthen the immune system by activating the lysozyme production to create a natural defence barrier.

And FlexiQule…

Provides ground breaking natural joint support, featuring a unique blend of concentrated Indian Frankincense (Boswellia Phytoextract) and Ginger, in a formulation with enhanced bioavailability. Boswellia and Ginger are natural, powerful and safe ingredients that have been used to support joint health for centuries in traditional herbal medicinal systems.