All you need to know about hypnotherapy

What is it?

Hypnotherapy isn’t like what we see in the movies. No pocket watches swinging on a pendulum, no dramatic triggering questions that will send you into an unconscious abyss, and no chez lounge.

In fact, hypnotherapy is quite the opposite. As Fiona Lamb, certified advanced clinical hypnotherapist describes, hypnotherapy is a guided meditation. It strives to make shifts in the mind on an unconscious level to bring about changes in people’s lives, whatever the problem may be. Subconscious therapy begets ability to control unwanted thoughts and thought patterns that affect people on a conscious level, progressing lives forward in a happy, healthy, burden-free way.

Using techniques that have proven long-lasting results, hypnotherapy can help with problems anywhere from anxiety, depression, confidence, and phobias to eating disorders, relationships, smoking and weight loss.  

What happens?

Typically, hypnotherapists will sit down for a consultation session with you and discuss goals, prices, and treatment time.

At Fiona Lamb’s practice in High Street Kensington (she also practices out of a Harley Street office), consultations begin at £200 and subsequent sessions are priced at £150. Fiona offers online programs and Skype/Zoom calls for those that aren’t able to travel to her London-based clinics.

Upon your session with Fiona, patients are invited to get comfortable on a sofa strewn with pillows and blankets. Whether you’re lying down or not, it’s imperative to the process to feel as comfortable as possible. A brief chat goes over the issue you’d like the work before you begin your session.

Next, accompanied by the calming lull of soft music, Fiona eases you into what can only be described as a half-comatose state. She talks you through a series of imaginative situations that put your mind and body at ease, counting down as she goes, eradicating any tension and stress that you might be unaware that you’re gripping onto.

From here, Fiona speaks to you, asking you questions, encouraging you to recollect memories and describe any feelings you may have associated with them.  Layers are peeled back in your mind, like you’re watching your memories on a screen. As your physical being is so heavily relaxed, replying to Fiona is almost out of body.

This goes on for an hour. It can reach emotional heights, some unanticipated. You are brought back the same way you were brought in, following Fiona’s instructional direction, until your eyes open and you debrief.

Does it work?

Fiona’s calming, non-judgemental therapy approach breaks down your barriers but rebuilds your confidence in ways you couldn’t have anticipated.

After one session, you are guaranteed to feel mentally cleansed. However, lasting effectiveness in hypnotherapy can vary on problem type.

For some problems such as or habits/phobias one session is usually needed. For more emotional issues such as anxiety/addictions/weight loss/depression a course of 3 sessions (4 hours of treatment) is recommended. This is where things can certainly start to add up, but as Fiona rightfully says, ‘your health is an investment, not a cost’.

You must approach hypnotherapy with an open mind, a willingness to be vulnerable, and ability to follow direction. Sessions can be effective as you allow-and to get the best results, you should be eager to try.

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