Anti-ageing and nourishing hero products

Let's face it, none of us are getting out of here alive, but this doesn’t mean we have to give up on self-preservation just yet. Luckily there are some incredible brands out there doing remarkable scientific work to create products that are able to demostrate some serious wellbeing and time-fighting beauty. It’s not just about slapping on some Olay fluid (not a criticism of Olay – it’s great stuff) but new beauty experts encourage us to think about feeding our skin in the same way we do our bodies, by giving effective and balanced layers of nourishing goodness that include all the nutrients we lose as we age. It makes complete sense. Dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin needs gentle and effective nourishment, sun damaged skin that is losing elasticity needs plumping and de-pigmenting. It's a good idea to get familiar with the kinds of acids, serums and moisture your skin needs; look out for products that include the following ingredients:

Hydrating: hyaluronic acid

Exfoliating: glycolic acid

Brightening: vitamin C

Anti-ageing: Retinol (start off with a low percentage)

Here are some of our Hero products which will put some life back into the epidermis, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

For a super-charge skin retreat:

Scrivner’s Skincare 5 A DAY is all about feeding and hydrating your barrier function - which is the area just below the surface of the skin - with the nutrients it requires. Jane believes in nourishing and balancing the skin from within and sources her ingredients from the very best in global harvests and pressings of indigenous oils, from the mountainsides of France to the Moroccan estates. The 5 A Day course offers individual products loaded with 100% natural and organic blends of oils, fruit acids, vitamins and flowers to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturise and lock in all the goodness. This is the ultimate in skincare wellbeing – be good to yourself and give yourself the gift of the 5 a Day. You won’t regret it. 

Working with your skin to achieve a natural facelift:

ESPA Tri-active Advanced ProBiome (prices from £65)

ESPA fuses the values of its heritage with a unique approach in order to deliver complete skincare solutions, setting the pace for today’s desire for total mind and body wellbeing. Guided by decades’ worth of experience in delivering exceptional and personalised treatments to the world’s leading spas, ESPA is proud to still be the chosen brand of the most prestigious spas and retailers around the world today. Under the expertise of leading aromatherapists and biochemists, ESPA combines the wisdom from natural and effective therapies, with the scientific power of the purest natural ingredients, to create innovative products and treatment protocols. Deveopled over the last three years with a combined focus on qulaity, innovation and efficacy, the range seeks to work in harmony with your skin, by nuturing and supporting the diversity of bacteria on the skin's surface. 

How does it work?

Developed over the last three years for visibly youthful, radiant and firm skin, ESPA’s New Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome acts as a healthy balanced diet for your skin’s microbiome – the skin’s first line of defence which is constantly under attack by pollution, stress, diet and UV rays.

Like a healthy balanced diet, this complete range for optimum skin health responds to its dynamic needs by nurturing and supporting the diversity of bacteria living on the surface, helping to defy visible signs of ageing.

The Tri‐Active™ Advanced ProBiome Serum, Moisturiser and Eye Cream are clinically proven to reduce signs of ageing. Minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring optimum radiance for a healthy look. 

Out of respect for the skin, body and environment, all the formulations are also made without synthetic colour and synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, silicone, parabens, SLS and SLES.

To compliment the range, ESPA also created a distinctive regimen for your skin, the Natural Facelift Facial, designed to optimise the performance of your skin’s delicate microbiome.

For on-the-go high end skincare:

TRI BALM by Frances Prescott

This is a brilliant multi-functioning invention for those of us who are time-poor and lifestyle busy but want to keep our skincare routine high-end without the faff of using multiple products. TRI BALM, created by make-up artist and expert facialist Frances Prescott and her business savvy sister, Pauline together formulated a luxurious, triple-action facial balm which delivers on cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising all in one handy roll-on pot. Packed with gorgeous natural products each with their individual roles in the tri-action; pumpkin enzymes, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, English oil blend, carrot tissue, wheatgerm and rice bran oil as well as geranium and mandarin all work together to create a truly luxurious on-the-go skincare. This one is going in my overnight bag for sure! 

For science-lead clever skincare:

Treat your skin to the award-winning Spanish skincare brand, SESDERMA, which announced its UK launch in December. Created by renowned dermatologist Dr Gabriel Serrano 30 years ago, the line was the first lab in Spain to use glycolic acid in its formulations - winning their products the reputation of being the 'Latino Facelift'.

Sesderma AZELAC RU Liposomal Serum  

This is a clinically proven facial serum that delivers brighter, more luminous skin while helping to control hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone. 

It also contains other powerful active ingredients that include 4-Butylresorcinol, Azelaic Acid, Boldine Diacetyl, Niacinamide, Retinol, Vitamin C that combine together in a liposome formula to provide direct action on melanin producing skin cells and clarifies and reduces the intensity of spots and helps prevent the appearance of new ones.

Sesderma C-VIT Liposomal Serum

This intensive shock treatment for the skin has been created to prevent and treat photo-ageing caused by exposure to the sun, tobacco, poor diet and lack of sleep. It contains concentrated active ingredients to enhance anti-ageing and de-pigmentation. It moisturises, reduces the appearance of fine lines and boosts skin with extra luminosity and elasticity. Ideal for all skin types, including those with acne and rosacea, the super-strength serum is also suitable for use as a complimentary treatment for scars.

Proven, anti-ageing winners:

Dermalogica Age Smart Overnight Retinol Repair

Not sure about Botox but want rid of those fine lines and wrinkles? Then go for a good retinol. Retinol is a miracle product to many already and Dermalogica is the number one trusted skincare brand in the UK and delivers the product in its purest form.

The powerful anti-ageing ingredient acts as a speedy cell-renewal and gets your skin to shed and regenerate skin cells at an impressive rate. Retinoids and retinol have been used for many years as both an acne and anti-ageing hero product.

If you’ve not used a retinol yet then go gently, this is 0.5% retinol and is at the higher end of the percentage, 1% being the highest before it’s only available on prescription. If you’re a retinol virgin use this twice a week initially and build up to more often - over-enthusiastic use a bit sunburned after day four, having stupidly used it every night! 

Expect some redness and flaking while your skin adjusts to the product. Results over time are reduced fine lines, wrinkles and brighter, smoother skin. This comes with a handy buffer moisturiser which you can use 1 to 3 parts to reduce the retinol power until your skin adjusts. We love it. Available from Beauty Flash

The best time to apply your more powerful creams and serum is at night, which is when your skin goes into it's repair mode. Anti-ageing expert skincare brand TIME BOMB have developed two fanstastic overnight products for this power charged anti-ageing boost. Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution is a nightly treatment packed with goodness and which delivers a topical mega-dose of vital age delaying vitamins, hyaluronic acid and squaline and proactively defends against further damage to ensure your complexion stays smooth, tight, bright and youthful. The neatly packaged sphere Flashback Night Cream delivers a powerful but lightweight moisturiser with rice bran, borage oil and vitamins all designed to shield and protect the skin and lock in the working ingredients. 

Serum for lashes:

Sparse lashes? If you've overdone it withlash extensions or simply were not blessed with lustrious lashes from birth, then look no further than the Lash Wizard from Applied after your evening skincare routine, this magical serum will show results after just 14 days. 

For great all day hydration - go with Hydro Boost NEUTROGENA® 

The Hydro Boost range has ultra-light formulas are powered by hyaluronic acid, skincare’s super hydrator capable of holding up to 1000 x its weight in water, leaving your skin feeling soft and non-greasy. Perfect for summertime, when your skin craves ultra-light formulas, with quick absorption. The products can be applied first thing in the morning to give your body the boost it needs to combat the day or for use after a long busy day, to leave your skin feeling perfectly quenched and its radiant best.

Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser
RRP – £12.99

Hydro Boost Water Gel, a unique moisturiser with a light texture and the long lasting, intense nourishing power of a cream, that absorbs instantly and keeps skin hydrated all day. The formula contains Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the skin and its innovative Continuous Release System helps to replenish the epidermis with a boost of hydration and protects the skin barrier and continuously releases moisture all day.

NEUTROGENA® Hydrogel Recovery Masks are made from a unique 100% hydrogel material, the Recovery Masks are packed with skin-perfecting essences, the equivalent of an entire 30ml bottle of serum. This delivers 1 month’s intense serum recovery, in just 15 minutes. For added ease, the sheet mask is split into two parts, with separate sections for the upper and lower face, clinging smoothly to the contours of your face, focusing on areas that require the most moisture and nourishment.
The NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost Capsule-In-Serum Supercharged Booster is not only infused with hyaluronic acid to offer up to 24-hour hydration, but also delivers a secret weapon that contains revitalising vitamin E that is dispensed into the serum as you pump it out. This superior technology means that the capsules of vitamin E maintain their efficacy until the moment of use. The weightless serum is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and can be applied directly to the skin, or you can simply add a few drops to your daily moisturiser to give your skin an extra moisture boost. RRP- £14.99