Ask Armand: Beauty Q&A

Make-up artist and beauty expert Armand Beasley can help you find the best solutions for your knottiest problems

Q: I’m over 50 and my skin seems to react more quickly to the sun than it did. I put sun-tan cream on my face but it’s so white I look like a ghoul. Are there creams that don’t

A: Those clever people at SKN-RG have created Pure Shield SPF30 Adaptive Skin Tint (£25, It’s a handy mineral sun stick that protects you from UV and blue light while giving you a light glow, without any whiteness. There’s also Murad City skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 (£60, which has a lightweight polymer to help protect skin from environmental stresses.

Q: I’ve arranged a picnic for a group of friends. Any tips for an elegant yet practical outfit? - Ruth, Basildon, Essex

A: crease-resistant fabric is a must, so look out for fabrics like Tencel. Denim is a winner too, and you can get some lovely jeans as well as denim-style fabrics that are mixed with elastane to help keep the garment’s shape and improve comfort. An oversize blouse with a contrasting camisole, or a cotton sleeveless  top with some Capri pants and a pair of wedges are always comfortable yet elegant combos for most body shapes.

Don’t forget that as the afternoon wears on you may feel a little cold, so pack some cashmere or wool options to layer up later.

Q: My lips are so dry at the moment. I’m forever rubbing lip balms on them but I’ve been getting a few cold sores lately. Is there anything that can help? - Sarah, Westbury, Wiltshire

A: Avoid lip balms that contain mineral oils derived from petroleum. Instead go for Albus & Flora Multi-active Balm (£16, There are a selection of subtle tints available or you could just go for my favourite, Naked Flora, a colourless balm that has an SPF30 rating and makes your lips feel super-smooth. It also contains an ingredient called alpine rose, which helps prevent cold sores.

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