Beauty through the ages

From eyebrow plucking to hair brushing, a leading beauty journalist shares the tips which transcend generations
Alice Hart-Davis is a top beauty journalist and founder of Good Things skincare.  She has authored a number of books, including one co-written her teenage daughter, Molly, entitled Be Beautiful: Every Girl's Guide to Hair, Skin & Make Up.

Here Alice talks about beauty through the generations, discovering hot rollers, and why mothers can also learn from their daugters...

Q: What beauty tips did you learn from your mother that you passed down to your daughters?

Alice: That however unpleasant it is at the time, it is better to brush out long hair before bedtime. Otherwise, by the morning, it’s all in an even worse tangle.

Q: Do you think mothers can learn from their daughter’s beauty habits?

Alice: Oh yes. You just need to keep your eyes open (and your mind). From Molly, I’ve learned to use eyeliner in a succinct line that stops dead just before the end of the eyelid (nice and neat, and less obtrusive than a flick) and from Beth I’ve learned the power of wearing a bright lip with an otherwise bare face.

Q: Are there any beauty habits or products that transcend all three generations?

Alice: Certainly. Proper cleansing never goes amiss and (the soon to be launching) Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser is a fabulous product which works wonders for anyone of any age. Moisturising is key for keeping soft regardless of age -- we’re all partial to a bit of Good Things’ Miracle Mattifier.

Q: What beauty trends did your mother wear that have come back into style?

Alice: For years, I didn’t understand why my mother was so devoted to her Carmen hot rollers… until I grew my hair in my forties and became reliant on rollers myself.

Q: Are there any beauty habits you would like your daughter to avoid? If so why?

Alice: Eyebrow plucking!! As a teenager, I spent hours in front of the mirror, plucking my eyebrows – well, it was the 1970s – but the result was that I took away more than I should have, and the brow-tails have been thin ever since. My daughters both have wonderful thick strong eyebrows and I’m very keen they should stay that way.

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