The body beautiful

From bathroom to salon to sun lounger, now is the time to perfect your summer body


Slough away dead skin cells, smooth crusty elbows and knees, and uncover skin that is the perfect canvas for summer colour. Cowshed Spearmint Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub (5) is an explosion of natural ingredients that immediately get to work: salt crystals exfoliate, honey nourishes and macadamia oil locks in moisture. £40 at Cowshed: 020-7534 0871,

It is believed that 85 per cent of women in the UK are a? ected by cellulite. Help is at hand with Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D (1), which is more or less a ?fitness session in a bottle (without any of the puffing). With oil derived from pink pepper berries, and microspheres that deliver slow-release ingredients while you sit, this serum aims to give a ? firmer, smoother behind in 14 days. £18 at Boots: 0845-070 8090,

Once upon a time self-tanning made you smell like a digestive biscuit, but now formulations have a fresh fragrance and the e? ect is still a treat. BeautyLab Instant Colour Rapid Tan (4) is one of the best. It is DHA-free, which means it does not irritate or dry out the skin, while the colour looks natural and is easy to build up. £22 at stockists nationwide: 0844-247 1240,

Fancy slimming while you shower? Guinot Slimming Shower Gel (3) is the latest addition to the popular slimming range. It is formulated with active ingredients ca? eine, cherry-stem extract and grapefruit essential oil, all of which are proven to break down fat. Now there’s every excuse to get in a lather. £16 at Guinot salons: 0800-590094,

It is an irritating yet undeniable truth: hair removal is an integral part of achieving that sleek summer body. Shaving is quick yet results in unsightly stubble, so why not try waxing at home? Nad‘s Natural Hair Removal Gel (6) has been popular for two decades because it melts with body heat and washes away with water. It is easy to use, not messy, and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. £10.20, at Boots: as before.

If you’re looking for non-greasy sun protection that doesn’t leave white traces on the skin or clothes, then Bioderma Photoderm Bronz SPF 30 Fluid (2) is just the ticket. This product’s special complex enhances skin’s natural defences, prolonging a healthy suntan while preventing signs of premature ageing. £15.50 at Escentual: 02920-008844,


Crystal Clear Cellulite & Body Firming Therapy is a non-invasive treatment designed to smooth away cellulite and tone the skin on your legs, hips, buttocks, arms, stomach and chin. The process works by releasing the fat from the tight connective tissue, expelling water and toxins in the process. Expect to see a di? erence after the ? rst treatment, but 10 treatments are recommended. From £50 per treatment, at salons nationwide: 08705-934934,

CACI Bottoms Up endeavours to give you a perky posterior in a mere four weeks. A combination of powerful electric waves and therapeutic massage helps to contour and ? rm underlying muscles in the bottom and thighs, resulting in a smooth, toned and lifted appearance. From £45, at salons nationwide: 020-8731 5678,


Steve Mellor, from personal training and nutrition experts Freedom2Train, reveals how you can perfect your posture and thereby ‘take pounds o?ff’…

‘The sun-lounger swim is a great move for your posture, targeting your traps and rhomboids. Lying on your front on the sun lounger, place your hands on your bottom with your palms facing up. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, bring your arms around your body until they are touching out in front of you. While you do this movement rotate your hands so you ? nish with palms facing down. The challenge is to keep hands level with your body and not to let them drop towards the £ oor as you perform the movement. Aim for three sets of eight repetitions each day to see a great improvement in your posture.’