Care Resort Chiang Mai Thailand

Why would anyone suffering from dementia consider moving to a care facility in Thailand?

Peter Brown, owner and manager of Care Resort Chiang Mai explains: ‘Most people automatically think of cost and climate. Yes, it is usually cheaper and certainly warmer but the biggest benefit is the level of care and the quality of life that comes with it. Care works! However for care to work it requires a high number of dedicated carers. In the West, especially in operations run for profit this is not affordable. At Care Resort Chiang Mai nursing staff to guest ratio is around ‘one to one’, compare this to other facilities and you might be shocked. Every carer has had at least a year’s medical training. It takes more than a badge on the shirt to make a carer!

Guests who benefit most from high care levels are dementia sufferers. Even our advanced dementia/Alzheimer’s guests can go out on the weekly shopping trips and the monthly excursions. It requires one care staff for each guest. We have a 12 acre facility, all guests can walk around the 1,000 trees. Nobody here is locked up at any time. Advanced dementia sufferers pick up a carer when they want to stroll outside. Disable guests are pushed in their wheelchairs not when we want but when they want.

Our ‘double’ award-winning care facility has 2 key philosophies:

  1. That there will always be sufficient high quality care
  2. That independence, choice and dignity of the individual remain key requirements.

Northern Thai people have a cultural respect for the elderly and they expect to care for the elderly. It is a strong family culture here. They make great carers with the care coming from the heart.

Our services can be tailored to meet your requirements in terms of both accommodation and care. Independent accommodation is in beautiful villas set throughout the gardens each with alarms to our central nursing/care station and staff. We provide disabled-accessible villas and facilities as well as operating transport with a hydraulic wheelchair lift. We work hard not to become a 'boarding school for the elderly'; there are no fixed mealtimes and we offer wide food choices.

We can cater for all levels of dementia and it should be understood having dementia, including Alzheimer's, does not necessarily stop an active and enjoyable life but as the disease advances more care is required. Our experience with dementia care is now strong and we have many examples of improvement in life of dementia sufferers. For those who require 24-hour care and supervision we have a 2 boutique memory care facilities; luxury facilities with individual rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and a large central lounge/activity/dining area.

Each day has a programme of activities that everyone can participate in. We really try to encourage some physical activity even for those who are very limited in their mobility. Having the staff numbers helps.

Why look at Thailand? – Quality of care and quality of life at a more affordable price. At least have a look at what we can offer. Watch the Discovery Channel video and see real care in action.’