Carer, Companion: Your questions answered

Perhaps you are a Carer, Companion yourself and have a question you would like answered, or you have a question regarding the care or concern for a relative. The Lady's recruitment team is here to help and advise on next steps. 

  • ‘I suspect my client is showing signs of early onset Dementia and am worried about broaching this with the family, what should I do?’

Pick a quiet moment to sensitively and calmly discuss your concerns with the client's relative that you have the most contact with. At this stage it might be best to ask if they have had any concerns themselves regarding early onset Dementia or other degenerative illnesses within the family, or whether this is something only you have noticed. Once you have had this conversation you can then decide together on the most suitable next steps and if a specific appointment regarding these concerns with the client’s doctor needs to made. 

  • ‘How do I sensitively discuss with my mother we believe she needs a Carer, Companion?’

Coming to terms and acknowledging the need for Carer help can be difficult for anyone, most of all those who have always been independent. This is a time where extended family must demonstrate sensitive, tactful manners and approach the matter with gentle enthusiasm. The Lady recruitment team suggests starting the conversation with regard to how helpful and reassuring it might be for her to have some permanent company.

Indeed, one's own commitments make it impossible for family to be available at all times. This is a sensitive subject at the forefront of which must be your mother’s feelings about her independence, capability and her home. Promoting the companionship element of the role is the best approach, in the first instance pose the idea to your mother that to have someone around to chat to and do the crossword with might be nice, quite apart from the practical help like cooking, chaperoning to doctor’s appointments and administering of medication. Once your mother is comfortable with her Carer, Companion, she may feel enough trust and rapport has developed to discuss in more detail the personal care. 

  • ‘I suspect there are some members of the family who might be taking advantage of my vulnerable client. What do I do?

As we all know, there are documented cases of mistreatment of vulnerable people, and some of those are seniors with Dementia. Sometimes those people suffering from memory loss and confusion might be taken advantage of by people close to them. At The Lady we do not tolerate or condone any forms of abuse within the households of our clients or candidates and we take safeguarding and the protection of vulnerable people very seriously. If a candidate were to suspect wrong-doing within the family we would suggest making a note of the type of mistreatment and informing your local doctor and/or call Action on Elder Abuse on 0808 808 8141 for advice.


If you are interested in becoming a Carer, Companion please see our latest vacancies here or call us on 020 3857 9945. 

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