The Challenges of International Flight Delay Compensation

Many airline passengers experience international flight delays throughout their lifetimes due to adverse weather, air traffic restrictions, and absent passengers. Claiming compensation for the inconvenience can often be a difficult and stressful process that leaves many travellers out of pocket. Flight delays also negatively impact airport operations by causing congestion and disruption in the terminal.

Jet2 provide customers with a clear refund policy to assist with international flight delays and cancellations. The popular airline has been praised for its speedy refund process and cancellation guidelines. Although claiming compensation is often a straightforward process, there are many instances when customers cannot claim a refund.

Legal Framework Governing Flight Delay Compensation
UK law states that airlines must provide compensation to customers whose flights arrive three or more hours late. Passenger rights are protected by law if you are arriving at or leaving a UK airport. Customers are also protected when flying in the EU with a UK airline. If your flight was delayed or cancelled without prior notice, you should complete a Jet2 flight delay compensation form to see if you are eligible for a refund.
International law and regulations can vary depending on the country of origin and destination. In many countries, airlines are not obliged to compensate passengers for delays or cancellations unless the circumstances are within their control.
If a passenger departs from or arrives in an EU member state, they are protected under EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004, which ensures that customers are cared for during lengthy delays. The EU regulation applies to all UK and European airlines including Jet2 and is concerned with the following:
Accommodation and food assistance for delayed passengers Requesting another seat on an alternative flight that is not delayed Delayed, denied, overbooked, and cancelled flights Encouraging airlines to inform passengers of upcoming delays Supporting claims of up to €600 per person for delayed flights

The combination of EU regulation and UK law protects passengers and ensures they receive adequate care in the event of a cancelled or severely delayed flight. Passengers should be aware of their rights based on their departure location and destination.

Analyzing Jet2's Compensation Policy
Although Jet2 advises their customers to purchase relevant travel insurance to protect their flights, they do offer compensation for extended delays.
Passengers could claim compensation for international flight delays up to three years after the incident, so it is important to keep all relevant information such as boarding passes and booking confirmation to support your claim.
Jet2 passengers can claim compensation in the following situations: The flight is cancelled and Jet2 do not offer alternative travel
The flight was delayed by more than three hours
The flight was cancelled with less than two weeks notice
Jet2 will not offer compensation to passengers if the circumstances are beyond their control. For example, extreme weather conditions, staff illness or civil unrest. Passengers should take note that the EU regulation does not protect them if they check in late or travel on a reduced or free fare that is not available to the public.
The amount of compensation you receive will also depend on the length of the flight. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your claim or the amount you are refunded, you can speak to your claims management advisor or file an appeal with the Civil Aviation Authority's Passenger Advice and Complaints Team (PACT).

Challenges Faced by Passengers
Jet2 provides information to its customers via email and online. This can be problematic for passengers who have limited access to the internet or technology. Some customers may also find it challenging to read long pieces of text with legal terminology explaining their rights. Some of the issues caused by international flight delays include:
Disrupted onward travel and missing connecting flights
Airport congestion
Physical exhaustion and fatigue
Long waiting times
Refund policies can seem confusing and difficult to understand to customers with limited knowledge of their consumer rights. However, there are several knowledgeable claim management companies such as Skycop who can assist with the process and inform you of your rights. Successful passengers can expect to see a refund within a few weeks after their compensation claim is complete.
Impact of Delays and Compensation Challenges on Jet2 Frequent international flight delays can negatively impact an airline's reputation and generate bad reviews. Customers who do not receive adequate care or compensation for their delayed flight will feel undervalued and take their business elsewhere.
Since the success of the Huzar vs. Jet2 case, airlines have been under more pressure to compensate passengers who experience unexpected delays or cancellations. Although airlines can claim that circumstances are beyond their control in many situations, the Huzar ruling now means that UK airlines must take responsibility for technical faults.
International flight delays can also harm Jet2's financial health with continuous payments of up to €600 per person and ongoing legal fees for passengers who take the airline to court. The EU regulation puts pressure on airlines to inform passengers of their rights and to notify them of upcoming delays and cancellations by offering compensation to customers.

If your flight was delayed more than three hours or cancelled without notice, you could be entitled to flight delay compensation. It is important to understand the relevant regulations for your departure country and destination to determine whether you can claim a refund from Jet2. Jet2 customers are often protected by EU regulations when travelling from the UK to other countries, but it is advisable to check your destination and speak with an experienced claims management company before submitting your refund request.

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