In Conversation with Country Collection Head Designer

Founded in Cumbria in 1911, Country Collection started out as a farming cooperative. Then in 1985 the brand ventured into clothing, went national and now offers distinctive clothes by mail to customers worldwide.

Head Designer Sandra May, who has worked for Country Collection for 18 years, says “our brand is synonymous with quality in both fabric and fit, catering specifically to a mature figure and not skimping on material. Only when the team and I are completely happy with the designs, are the garments made up in small quantities, by specialist manufacturers - making the designs exclusive and not available elsewhere. Garments are beautifully cut and expertly made using patterns and fabrics true to our classic heritage”.

Sandra travels to Europe at the beginning of each season to visit one of the largest fabric fairs, to see new colour and fabric trends. When she returns, she incorporates those trends into new collections. “Our customer is always key when designing a new collection. I apply my understanding of our customer types, their body shape and ease of dress and comfort constantly remain a priority. How our customer spends her days are inherent when designing a new garment; styles are classically elegant, yet functional. Each season will always encompass our most popular styles to suit ladies 60+ including Austrian jersey separates, Liberty print blouses and Merino wool knitwear, all designed to mix and match with our separates and your existing wardrobe. Garments are designed for comfort and leisure, as well as tailored outfitting for more formal occasions”.


“Our ethos has always been to remain faithful to natural fibres - cotton, wool, silks etc.  As the range is traditional in essence, Liberty designs play a huge part with their printed Tana Lawn. Wool and silky cotton jersey from the UK and Austria are staple fabrics used in our collections and fabrics that are easy-care are always at the forefront when developing the range. The collection also features fabrics that are specialist mixtures such as wool / cotton mix, which are not readily available in the High Street stores”. 

To maintain the very high quality standards that Country Collection are renowned for, we ensure “our technical team constantly monitor suppliers. It is because we set such high standards that we offer a unique guarantee - it has no time limit. If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way, at any time, we will exchange or give you a refund in full”.

Purchasing from Country Collection is easy and stress free. The benefit of mail order means that you can order from the comfort of your own home, giving you time to ponder over the catalogue and really digest the collection in a peaceful environment.  In addition, with Country Collection, you can be rest assured in the knowledge that you will always receive a quality garment which comes with a no time limit guarantee to return.

For more information on any of the Country Collection timeless and classic designs or to request a catalogue, visit or call 0330 024 1940 to speak with their customer service team.