Cotswold Collections Summer 2020

Cheer yourself up in these uncertain times and bring the relaxed carefree feel of summer into your wardrobe with this confident, uplifting collection full of colour and vibrancy. Give your style a complete refresh with these easy and comfortable summer looks in plains and captivating prints. Feminine, smart or casual? Discover wonderful dresses, pleated skirts with fluid movement, and many comfortable and versatile layering options for relaxing at home. Look forward to the warmer season with this inspiring and stylish new collection.

As a brand, Cotswold Collections fills an important niche for high quality British style, by supplying an accessible blend of classics with luxurious touches, offering timeless, smart and wearable pieces in a wide range of sizes. There are seven new collections launched throughout each year, which include brand new and exclusive styles to enhance even the most discerning wardrobe collection. These outfits are definitely not to be found on the high street and are manufactured in limited quantities, so it’s important to grab a style while available!

Trading for over 25 years, this brand specialises in creating looks that appeal to, suit and flatter the more mature female figure. Each garment is designed inhouse with meticulous care and attention going into sourcing superb quality fabric and yarns with an emphasis on natural fibres. This ensures that the garments maintain their great shape for years to come. It is lovely that Cotswold Collections is able to support the British textile and clothing industry with a high percentage of fabrics made exclusively in Yorkshire and Scottish mills. Many of the garments are made in the UK.

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