Creating a 1920s wedding

By Kate Beavis

Vintage weddings are still popular with many modern dress designers influenced by the styles of the past, especially the 1920s. With the new Downton Abbey film on our screens, and the fact that we will soon be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of this glamourous decade, we can’t wait to share some Gatsby wedding inspiration. Here, the team at Magpie Wedding, who love all things vintage and ethical for your big day, share some key looks, both original and vintage inspired.

“The bridal fashion of the 1910s continued into the early part of the 1920s with simple yet elegant dresses teamed with floor length veils and wax flower head crowns. But all of this was to change with the arrival of the flapper girl; a woman who enjoyed life, danced the night away and was influenced by the new fashions designed by Coco Chanel.”

“By 1924 the waist-line had dropped, and the hemlines had risen, but it was in 1925 that we finally saw the 1920’s wedding dress that we often think of when we envisage this era. Waistlines had gone completely, brides wore silk chemises with a sheer over dress worn over the top, adorned with sequins and beads with Art Deco shapes within. They wore piano gloves and long beads and pearls. Veils were still worn long but with new rhinestone accessories and head bands.”

“Some brides still chose floor length dresses with silk draping often with one side gathered up to create an almost Grecian feel. By the end of the decade, brides were wearing more clinging styles which we know and love from the 1930’s.”

“Wedding flowers were very similar to the 1910’s – shower bouquets with white lilies and orange blossoms and much green foliage hanging down.”

“It isn’t easy to find an original 1920’s dress as silk tends to shatter after 50 years but there are some out there and I have featured 4 within this piece. There are also some great reproductions out there from bridal specialists as well as in some high street shops. Alternatively, look out for 1980’s versions.”

Photography:  Stella Photography 

Hair: Bethany Jane Davies from the Vintage Beauty Parlour 

Location: Victoria Baths, Manchester

Dresses: Days of Grace and Real Green Dress 

Flowers: Diddibox Flowers

Cake: Pink Cocoa