The Daily: 16 December

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The Prince George effect
The United Kingdom’s little treasure, Prince George, has once again won the population over. The pictures of the little prince were released on Sunday, and after being seen to wear the iconic Start-Rite shoes, the Norwich shoemaker’s have seen record-breaking sale demands. The royal children are said to have worn the shoes for the past 50 years and now George is continuing the tradition. The company was established 222 years ago, and over the past 48 hours they have sold 10 times as many of the Jo, Navy Blue Leather Boys Buckle First Walking Shoes than they had done in the past week. As well as this, the tank top that George had been wearing in the Christmas shoot has also had popular demand, leading to Cath Kidston to have an increase in sales.

2014 top searches
What had you asking Google questions this year? Reports released by Year (tech superstars) of the most asked questions were said to be what is Ebola and who is Bansky? Ed Sheeran and Beyonce were reported to be the most searched for celebrities; Gumtree and Rightmove were said to be the most searched businesses; and burgers and shortbread were the most searched for recipes.  The World Cup 2014 also had the British population asking numerous questions this year on the Internet, along with the notorious computer game, Flappy Bird. August had the population searching frantically ‘What is ALS’ after the viral videos of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Other popular searches rotated around the idea of ‘twerking’, ‘love’ and ‘fracking’.

Apple goes retro
Apple is one of the most popular brands in technology, selling a series of tablets, phones, laptops and music devices and is now worth over $700 billion. Most recently, however Steve Job’s first Apple – 1 computer (that was sold for as little as $600) has been sold at auction for £3.65million.  The computer was first sold and constructed in his parent's garage and was the only computer to be sold by Steve Jobs personally. The company only produced around three hundred of these computers and the computer that was sold at auction is now only of less than fifty that still exist.

You are only as old as you feel
Everyone know the famous saying that ‘you are only as old as you feel’, but how many of you actually believe that it is true? Well, now scientists have confirmed that there is truth behind this saying. The study shows that if you feel younger then you have a higher likelihood of a longer life expectancy and you are at a greater risk if you feel older. The study was carried out by University College of London (UCL) ,which wanted to see the links of being happy with having a sense of purpose with a lower risk of death. So what view will you decide to take, do you feel younger than you are?

Poundland hits Vogue
The belief that women have to spend a huge sum of money on good quality make up or anti-aging creams has been recently been challenged. How? Poundland’s range of £1 make up had a positive review in the iconic fashion magazine Vogue. The range of make up has only been released for two months across a total of 450 stores, however now it is in high demand from the public. The range of make up is vast and has over 100 products such as lipsticks, concealers, eye make up and nail varnishes. The range is called ‘Make Up Gallery’ and over one million products have been sold since its launch in October. Will you be adding to the sale figures?