The Daily: April 27

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Poldark's horse given a voice
Poet and comic Pam Ayres has taken to twitter to write a commentary for Poldark's horse from the hit tv drama. Ayres noted whilst watching the show that the horse "was forever galloping across the screen" but sadly lacked a vocal role, upon which she decided to give it one. Ayres has greatly enjoyed comprising 140 character snippets from the animal's point of view, which include 'Here then are my thoughts equine Such celebrations down the mine! How we capered, danced & laughed There's copper found in Poldark's shaft!'.

In other Poldark related news, the drama's success has also spread to the property market, with estate agents witnessing a surge in demand for properties on the Cornish coast, where much of the program is filmed.

Latest survey reveals Britain's most treasured possessions
A survey conducted by Saga home insurance has unveiled Britain's most loved possessions. The survey invited the British public to submit a picture of their treasured piece with a brief background explaining the personal significance of the object. A common theme unsurprisingly was one of love, with many sending in war memoirs and tokens of affection such as love spoons. Many also shared items of nostalgia and childhood memories, including a set of football crest cards handed down from grandfather to grandson. However, the list also featured some surprises, a cherished tin of Heinz baked beans being one of them.

Francis Bacon self-portraits rediscovered
A newly rediscovered set of Francis Bacon self-portraits is due to go on sale at Sotheby's. The pictures, set to fetch £15 million each, had only been seen in books until know. The location of the set was unknown to experts until a descendant of the original collector came forward with the desire to sell the paintings. The first of the portraits was painted by Bacon at the height of his career in 1975, whilst the second, painted five years later, reveals Bacon's more reflective side as he muses on the inevitability of death. Both of the paintings depict the artist in later life, yet the style in which they are painted is a deliberately youthful one. Some art critics have even pointed to the artist taking on a 'film star' quality in these works. The art world has described the discovery as extraordinary and is greatly looking forward to the auction.

Supermarket worker helps elderly customer to overwhelming response
19 year old Christian Trousedale graced the headlines this week for what to him seemed a simple act of kindness. A picture of the Aldi worker helping an elderly shopper with his bags has gone viral, with many posting gushing and heartfelt messages in response. Christian was left overwhelmed by the reactions, saying he had seen the man setting off home in strong winds and decided to help, adding that he considered the act 'the right thing to do'. The photo has been 'liked' and shared across the world, attracting responses from Dubai and America. Mrs Brady, a fish and chip shop worker who took the photo, summed up how we all felt-that she was touched by Christian's 'selfless, thoughtful and caring gesture'.

George Clooney to run London Marathon 2016 after losing bet
George Clooney this week vowed to run in the next London marathon after losing a bet with his celebrity friend Christy Turlington. Clooney allegedly promised the model and founder of the charity Every Mother Counts that he would run in 2016 if she finished Sunday's race in less than four hours. Miss Turlington's thoughts before the race, of Clooney running a marathon and her celebratory pint after, clearly spurred her on to achieve a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes. The Hollywood heart throb, who is involved in a number of charitable works and philanthropist ventures himself, pledged to wear a t shirt from one of Turlington's organisations. Turlington was not the only famous face seen taking part on Sunday, with Victoria and David Beckham's 12 year old son Romeo also running.