The Daily: December 22

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Winner of The Apprentice is crowned
The Apprentice has had everybody gripped this year which returned for its ten year anniversary. Twelve weeks ago, Lord Alan Sugar began is quest to find his next business partner, and last night the winner was revealed. Mark Wright, 25, won this exclusive opportunity to work alongside Lord Sugar after a great deal of stressful work and challenges. Wright’s business plan, which focuses on digital marketing, was the final piece which allowed him to win out of the 19 other contestants and take hold of the £250,000 prize. Mark is originally from Australia, but was always his dream to be able to set up a new business over in the UK.

365 day journey around the World
Have you ever wanted to just escape from it all…escape for a whole year? Well now you could, with a 365 day trip around the world staying in 32 of the most exclusive hotels in the world. The only sticking point is the price:  at £220,000 it is certainly aspirational.  The tour begins in the Himalayan region of Bhutan and then continues around Asia, North Africa, Europe and the United States, covering a total of 19 countries, before ending in India. After relaxing for so long, the passengers on this tour can get their hearts racing whilst skiing down the slopes in Utah, Wyoming and the French Alps. The company doesn’t want to exclude those who couldn’t take a whole year off and therefore they offer series of the trips in 90 day vacations.

Sky diving with a difference
Erik Roner certainly had our hearts in our mouths with his latest dare devil stunt. Roner is a renowned BASE jumper, sky diver and Nitro Circus member, but has recently stepped up a whole other level. Roner collected a group of friends to help inflate 90 balloons and attach the balloons to the lawn chair using bungee ropes. Erik rose 8000 feet with the aid of the helium balloons, before shooting them one by one with a shotgun, proceeding to skydive and releasing the parachute.

New instalment to the First World War Christmas truce
Everybody has heard of the truce that was held on Christmas day 1914 between the Germans and British when they held a friendly football match. However, letters haven been discovered describing a slightly different performance. The letters describe the German Troops putting on performances for the British opposition where they dressed up in women’s clothing that had been taken from French farmhouses; it was said to create ‘much merriment’.  There had always been questions as to whether this had been a rumour, according to Alan Cleaver a First World War historian, and this discovery is the first concrete evidence to appear.

Invisibility really does exist
Have you ever imagined the possibility of becoming invisible? Say hello to the Iberian emerald lizard that has evolved to develop their own invisibility cloak. The male lizards have left scientists speechless after discovering that the vivid blue and green colouring makes them invisible to birds of prey. The biologists from the University of Porto, Portugal, report that the iridescent colours alter visibility depending on the angle at which it is being viewed. These stunning creatures are most commonly found in the mountainous regions of northern Spain and Mallorca, and sadly classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. Let’s hope that they stay invisible and stay around for a lot longer.