The Daily: January 14

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3-D Printed Car to Hit the Road Soon
When a whistle was printed people, "aaahed" and when intricate figurines were printed people, "ooohed" but what happens when they really take it to the extreme and print out life size, fully functioning cars. These cars that have been printed out may not actually be aesthetically 'normal' looking enough for the road YET but it is a definite start. Not only is this an inspirational acceleration in the world's technology but is also a start towards minimising factory size. Soon these mega factories which consume tremendous amounts of time, energy and space can be replaced by more sustainable, less clunky and generally more modern factories.

Change can be, and in this case most certainly is, a good thing, it's not all hideous, ugly modernisations of 'the good old days.' Soon to be available to the public, Local Motors are inviting soon to be printed-car drivers to sign up on its website previous to the cars expected launch so they can grab the first pick, they are estimated to be up for between £11,900 up to £21,100.

Fairy Tail Ending for Jed the Dog
Since a puppy of a mere four months old, Jed, now a middle aged man of 7 has finally bagged himself a family in Sadberge, Darlington after being overlooked by 14,000 potential homes. He has been in and out of homes since he was first taken in by the Dogs Trust and was continuously given back because of the owners' "changed circumstances." An appeal was sent out by The Dogs Trust and Jed's prayers were thankfully answered by an Ian Woodcock and Elizabeth Marsh and is said to be settling in, "really well" with the family who are giving him the love he deserves. His hobbies include: long walks on the moors, snoozing by the fire and helping Mr Woodcock with his gardening. It is a fairy tail ending for Jed the Dog and one which is deserved by so many at the Dogs Trust.

Woody Allen will be creating his very First TV Show
For the first time ever, Woody Allen will be taking a step towards the box set genre and will be creating it alongside Amazon, an unlikely sponsor but one that has previously won itself a golden globe for its dark comedy Transparent, a show about a family dealing with a transgender parent. Woody Allen is a visionary and a legend, said to have made a portion of the best films of all time and he is certain to go down in film history. His career spans over half a century and includes more than 40 films yet he still jokes, "I don't know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I'm not sure where to begin." He doesn't fool us though; I have 40 films and a future TV series that will disprove that fact. Known for his 'one film a year' trademark it is a new feeling of curiosity as to what his plans for this new series are.

Save the Sounds of the UK
The British Library Sounds archive gives the impression of a mysterious and magical place. I would like to imagine that walking into it would be like entering a massive room with sounds dashing about here and there like wind, whooshing through your ear is the sound of a trumpet and tugging at your hair is the sound of a tent being rained on...

However, back to reality, the sound archive is a huge and important place with thousands upon thousands of sound disks, cylinders, lacquer discs, cassette players, anything that has been once used to record sound will surely be found in the sound archives which, in a way, is just as fantastic as my first image of the place. However, due to the unstoppable passing of time the archives are being described as, "at risk" due to physical degradation and the disappearance of the technology to play them. The archive, which holds within it the voice of Florence Nightingale amongst the 6 million other recordings, is in urgent need of funding, £18 million pounds worth of funding to be precise, in order for it to digitalise just a third of the recordings which are most "at risk" and to build the facilities required to digitalise the remaining two thirds of the collection.

Life Skills vs. Academia
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey claims that learning to cook is more important than exams and has recently emphasised this by telling his son Jack to stop stressing over a Latin exam and concentrate on improving his culinary skills. He believes that this childhood obesity epidemic is at the fault of non-foodie parents who don't know how to make nutritious food, he continues to insist that cooking will help youngsters more than an A in Latin etc. Currently he is in the US teaching children to cook for the new series of Masterchef junior and says that the young chefs were better than the adults. He says they are less sensitive, get straight to the point and although some, "can't even reach the stove, they are extraordinary" so even though he has to withhold his cursing he still prefers teaching the kids. From the perspective of a culinary master with experience, life skills hold their place above academia.