The Daily: January 5

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Lions want your old Christmas Trees
Don't know what to do with your old, now useless Christmas tree? Give it to a big kitty in need. Linton Zoo is now taking on your unwanted trees to give to the lions of the zoo. The trees can act as catnip (or catmint) to these lions, providing a great joy for them and a great joy to watch as they roll and tumble with their new playthings. These trees show us that lions are really just big (and slightly more dangerous) cats as they use them as scratching posts or for just general amusement. Trees that still have the root ball can be re-planted in other parts of the zoo such as the snowy owl enclosure or the really decrepit cases are used as fuel in the zoo's bio burner to provide heating. This "recycling" will give all the big cats "hours of fun," said Linton Zoo.

Train Before you Eat-Mochi Causes 9 Deaths due to choking hazard
Mochi, an Asian equivalent to mince pies, is a Japanese delicacy made from pounded, sticky rice, a traditional, seasonal food. At Shinto shrines, another New Year tradition, they often pass these pastel coloured cakes out for free around the Japanese New Year. However, these cakes appear to be either too dense or eaten to fast, either way they are getting caught in people's throats with rather alarming regularity. This year, already, 128 people have been rushed to the hospital with festive Mochi lodged in their throats, 9 of this 128 have died as a result. The Yomiuri newspaper has warned the consumers to cut the cake up into small pieces before eating or to even learn basic first aid before consumption. This is one of the few foods one has to train for to eat.

View art all around the world from your own home
Art. Millions of us partake in countless pilgrimages around the world to simply stand and observe it. This will, unavoidably, take up time and money; you can't spend the morning gazing on the beauty of the Mona Lisa in Paris, pop over to England for a dash of Turner then up to Amsterdam for a touch of Van Gough just in time for tea. Even if you do have that much time and money to spare you still have to face fighting through the dense, continuous crowds to catch even just a glimpse of forehead or a snatch of sunset. Obviously the best and greatest artworks of all time cannot be kept in one, singular place, but what if, virtually, they can? From the comfort of your own home you can observe monumental artworks whenever you so desire. For a click of a button and a tap on a screen you can choose from a wide range of carefully selected gallery websites showing you breathtaking art from around the globe, as closely as you like.

World's ugliest Endangered Animals need your help
To what extent do looks really alter our stance on how important someone, or something, is? These animals truly put that question to the test. Unloved, ugly and on the way to extinction, they desperately need your help just as much as the ones on the cutesy side of endangered species. They are not often talked about or seen, for example the purple nosed frog is bulbous, slimy and lives underground, ashamed to face the disgusted response it so often receives? It is receding into decline due to the destruction of forests for the cultivation of coffee and a variation of other crops. Despite its shapeless, unique appearance it is the sole survivor of an entire race of amphibians that evolved 130 million years ago. As the last of its kind we cannot let this frog, and other species like it, disappear into the underground as if it never existed.

Kate Bush's house for sale
Kate Bush, the recently revived star of 'unique' dancing and high notes has entered her home of nearly two decades into the property market. This is a final chance for hardcore fans to get closer to the star as her shows at the Hammersmith Apollo have recently, distressingly, come to an end. Situated in Eltham the asking price is a rather extravagant £2.75 million. However, it is not merely a house, it comes with additions too. This includes gates titled with the ever remembered and ever iconic name, "Wuthering Heights" so that no one will doubt the previous ownership of the house, unless they presume Emily Brontë which isn't a negative thing anyway. The photos of the property also suggest that there is a tortoise included who may have been close with Kate herself, a living claim to fame, in case the house just wasn't enough.