The Daily: January 7

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Three New Planetary Prospects Discovered
One planet is too hot, one planet is too cold, but this planet, (Kelper 438b) is just right. Resting in a habitable distance from its star, also known as the, "Goldilocks Zone" a few possible habitable planets were recently discovered by the Kelper telescope. Eight new 'exoplanets' have been discovered by this telescope, increasing the score of exoplanets found to over 1,000. Three of these new planets rest securely within the "habitable zone" of their host star, one of which has a lithosphere similar to the Earth making it more habitable than the other 'new'. The idea of coming into contact with this planet is far out, (literally) as the planet lives 475 light years away and because, for all we know, it could be made of marshmallow fluff. Kelper's, 'hall of fame' accepts these eight new planets with glee, expanding its number to an impressive eight planetary prospects.

Paddington Shar-Pei
Dog lovers everywhere, mourn for this rather heart wrenching story. A male Shar-Pei crossbreed has been abandoned in a railway station attached to a suitcase containing his belongings. The suitcase contained every dog's leaving home essentials: dog's pillow, toy, bowl and food. Although the belongings are a possibly well intentioned thought the abandonment of any animal is a morally wrong act and an offence under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006. Microchips failed the SPCA as the traced owners said that they had sold the dog on Gumtree in 2013 and they could not provide an address for whoever bought him. This should be a lesson against impulsive purchase of what is, in fact, a naïve and trusting life. Regardless of the fantastical nature of the incident, it is, unfortunately, not a story, therefore the dog can't merely board a train to a happier home, so the SPCA pleads, "If anyone can help we would ask them to get in touch as soon as possible."

Mind behind the Iconic Tower Poppies, "perturbed" by Public's Reaction
If you live in the UK, and haven't been living in an underground bunker for the last six months you will have heard of the expansive ceramic poppy memorial place in, on and around the Tower of London. The celebration of one century since the outbreak of World War 1 saw crowds massing all day, every day to gaze on the sea of delicate, vibrant poppies at the Tower, an estimated 5 million! Artist Tom Piper who co-created these poppies with Paul Cummins revealed that he was uncomfortable with the, "frenetic, obsessive surge of emotionalism that the installation invoked." But what could he expect? A few thumbs up and a dismissive nod or two? If he creates and installs, 888,246 ceramic poppies remembering a day that will effect nearly every single Britain in some manner he cannot expect anything less than what he got.

Mob of Hungry Kangaroos Occupy the Outback
Kangaroo horror today in the Australian outback. Hordes of kangaroos sweep through the lands of northern Australia sometimes in groups formed of up to 10,000 individuals. They are devastation! Bringing destruction with them they are massacring swathes of Northern Australia, consuming the grasslands required for the needs of cattle and sheep and is causing other animals to head for extinction. A notable decrease in the price of kangaroo meat is said to have led to a joey boom, or population explosion, which makes the roads hazardous to drivers. Kangaroo carcasses are piling up alongside the outback roads which not only pose a further hazard to drivers but also pose a very grim image to mind indeed. Mark Henderson, police inspector in the outback Queensland town of Longreach is currently looking into the issue, "Between here and Barcaldine, which is only an hour away, there are hundreds and hundreds of them. It's known as the killing fields." A grim sentence befitting to a grim image.

Is it Possible that the Site where Jesus was Sentenced to Death has been Discovered?
15 Years ago, the site of Herod the Great's palace has been unearthed and carefully examined. In a recent turn of events an area between the gate and uneven stone pavement has been identified as accurately following the description of the place in the Gospel of John. While the general consensus of agreement is that Herod's palace was located in the west of Jerusalem's Old City the debate continues as to whether or not Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus to death there. Although no inscription puts this theory into cold, hard fact in the Gospel of John describes it as taking place near a gate and uneven pavement which some archaeologists, for example Shimon Gibson, believe matches the evidence present at the site. However, the other side of the debate argues that the Gospel's use of the work 'praetorium,' a Latin word meaning the general's tent in military barracks suggests the pivotal trial took place in the Antonia Fortress. However, Reverend Pileggi doesn't think that the prison will become a major site of pilgrimage. "What makes a place holy is the fact that people have gone there for hundreds of years, prayed, cried and even celebrated there, so I don't think there will be changes to the route anytime soon," he said.