The Daily: May 1

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Missing cat makes 128 mile journey from North Wales to Yorkshire
A cat was this week reunited with its owners after spending 5 weeks and 128 miles apart. Steven and Susan Davison from Llanrwst, North Wales had given up hope of finding their beloved pet until he was spotted on a 'lost and found' page by their daughter Gemma. The family was even more astonished to find the cat had been found in Brighouse, Yorkshire, some 128 miles away. The owners described his discovery by Ms Julia Hill as a "miracle" and were overjoyed that the 16 year old tabby was now home. The means by which George made the 128 miles are still a mystery, but Mrs Davison did confess that "he's always been a curious cat".

Police dog awarded with 'animal equivalent' of OBE
Springer spaniel Jake, who worked with Warwickshire Police, has been awarded posthumously the PDSA's Order of Merit for his outstanding contribution to the service. Over a remarkable 10 year career, Jake made over 500 operational finds and sniffed out £650,000 worth of banknotes. Jake also used his keen nose at several high-profile events, such as Glastonbury and the Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival. Jake started with the force at 18 months old and was partnered with Officer Andy Crouch after completing his 'graduation' as a service dog. The two remained together for the entirety of his celebrated career. The "exceptional little dog" retired in August 2014 and passed away the following March, just weeks before his award was to be presented. His PDSA Order of Merit was presented to serving Police dog Gwen in his place.

Residents may be banned from parking on their own street for fear of disruption to The Apprentice's 'taxi shot'
Residents in Holborn, London are to give spaces to film crews on the BBC show, as well as making way for that 'taxi shot'. Filming for the upcoming series is due to take place over 8 weeks and many residents have voiced their concerns at having to give up parking spaces for such a long time. The famous shot of the candidates leaving their townhouse for Lord Sugar's boardroom in a fleet of black cabs is now ubiquitous for the show, and residents know that producers will be reluctant to leave it out. The upmarket area has been used for several TV shows, with the smart townhouses proving popular with production companies.

The teddy that went from war veteran to internet sensation
An unassuming teddy bear has gone viral after his owner shared his remarkable story on the Telegraph's letter page. Jean Mellows, who is 89, was inspired by a story of a teddy caught up in the Battle of Britain to tell her own war time teddy's tale. Mrs Mellows met her future husband Paul at a Church party in Surrey in 1943, whilst he was serving as a Pilot Officer. The pair instantly fell in love, with trainee nurse Jean meeting him on his every leave thereafter. The bear, given as a lucky mascot at one of these meetings, accompanied Mrs Mellows' husband (now Lieutenant Paul Mellows) on 50 air operations, riding in his tunic pocket. Sadly, Paul died 18 years ago, but Mrs Mellows has kept his medals, uniform and letters on immaculate display alongside the most enduring token of their love, 'bear'.

The 'fake' is revealed at Dulwich gallery
The mystery painting in Dulwich Gallery's 'spot the fake' competition has been revealed. Fragonard's 'Young Woman', painted in 1770, was unveiled as the painting replaced in the gallery by a replica. Visitors were invited over a 3 month period to guess the fake out of a 240 painting collection at the prestigious gallery. The exhibition 'Made in China' was the product of conceptual artist Doug Fishbone, who commissioned a Chinese company specialising in Old Masters to produce the replica. Out of 3,000 who cast their vote, just 10% correctly identified 'Young Woman' as the copy. Chief curator Dr Xavier Bray welcomed the new concept, adding that it encouraged scrutiny, a "healthy suspicion" and active involvement from the public.