A Day in the Life – The Private Chauffeur


My current employer is a high net worth businessman who travels internationally on a regular basis and has properties in the US and Russia. I've been with this employer for four years now. My background is in political security (protection) and before that I was in the army.

I think it helps that I’ve got experience in managing a disciplined routine from my time in the army and as a protection officer. High-net-worth businessmen like the fact that I am a trained bodyguard.

Being a chauffeur requires a great deal more than driving skills; it requires a certain amount of sensitivity and you have to know how to read people, you must know when to be talkative and when to be silent. You must be able to think on your feet, anticipate any difficulties and be prepared for changes and instructions on a moment’s notice.

My day begins at 4.30am. It’s pretty early but I’m used to it although dark winters are definitely more difficult. I have to get across London to pick up the principal which means driving from Enfield in North London to central London, take him to his offices in the city for 6.30am and get back to take the children to school for 7.45am. Usually it’s smooth driving but occasionally there’s roadworks so I always allow plenty of time. 

My current vehicle is a Mercedes S Class, it’s a very smooth drive, plenty of room with great technology. I always ensure the car is immaculately clean and there are the preferred bottles of chilled water available as well as tissues.

Depending on his mood, my principal will either be chatty or direct and brief. I always say ‘good morning sir’ an open the door for him, with a polite tip of my head. I’m a traditional person and my more formal attitude suits my employer, although we are comfortable with each other. I never speak unless spoken to first, I wouldn’t engage my employer in conversation, simply respond appropriately. 

Once I’ve dropped off my principal, I get back to do the school-run. Often my principal will be travelling abroad for meetings so there’s plenty of airport drives and some are late at night, but none booked for today. The two girls and boy attend a local prep school. The children are bundled into the car by their nanny. I relax my manner a little for the children but ensure remain professional. The nanny checks they’ve got lunchboxes, PE kits and whatever else they might require for the day ahead. 

After Mrs D’s lunch appointment and her shopping venture (I take my lunch at a nearby café while she has lunch with some friends) I drive her home and carry her bags of shopping up to the house, where the housekeeper helps take them. I am due to pick the children up at 4.30 and my principal at 6pm. If I am engaged in chat and laughter I know it’s been a good day at the office. My employer is generous and I am lucky to be appreciated both personally and financially.

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