Daylesford Review at Brompton Cross

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By Annette Kellow

You may have heard of Daylesford Farm. It is rather famous in the Cotswolds, and beyond, for its fresh produce, healthy restaurants and is known as one of the most sustainable organic farms in the UK. They also have a shop, spa, cookery school, workshop events and cottages for the perfect weekend away.

One of their latest additions is their new eatery based in the heart of Sloane Avenue. I have already visited their Notting Hill branch but this time I delved down to Sloane Square to their new Brompton Cross location.

Set over three floors and spanning over 7500 square foot, the new space celebrates the sensational food and artisan produce from Daylesford’s Cotswold Farm. The restaurant and shop look like a homely piece of country in the city, complete with whitewashed wooden décor, elegant chinaware and fresh food counters. I ventured upstairs and was quickly seated at a large farmhouse style table while a friendly waitress immediately presented me with a latte (heaven knows she must have known I needed it!)

The layout of the restaurant was a good mix of big tables combined with single ones for the solo diners and an open plan kitchen so you can have a good look at exactly what is going on in the food department!

I started off by trying their homemade bread which I have to say is no ordinary bread! It comes on a heart-shaped platter, toasty and warm with a side of olive oil that is definitely the real deal. It was so delicious I wanted to devour all of it but knew I had to save myself for the luncheon. I went for the smoked mackerel with two side salads and as my mum had accompanied me, we both decided to try the same meal- Like mother, like daughter!

Their portions are hearty and the fish comes straight from the fishmongers’ downstairs, so is healthy and fresh. As we had the same there was no need for food envy and we even managed to save enough room for a pudding. Now I know the most popular term is dessert but with Daylesford’s cosy style and the winter nights drawing in, I am pleased to report that their menu aptly coins it a pudding!

I tried the dairy-free cheesecake with a nutty base and a large dollop of fruit compote. Other speciality puddings include apple and blackberry tart, chocolate nemesis, bowls of autumnal berries and Daylesford blue, apple and chutney on honey oatcakes.

Their specials board showcases a series of seasonal dishes from their farm and they are also soon to host some spectacularly fabulous Christmas workshops. Daylesford, you have exceeded again!