The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 21 April

The Lady's office dog tells all
Other than going to Hastings, where I usually get attacked by very unfriendly seagulls, I have never been on a holiday but today, Duffle and I headed off on our first proper trip - to an island called Bryher, on the Scilly isles. I was really nervous because I had to get on a very small plane, but actually, I really loved it. Peter, at Land’s End airport, said I was a natural. There were only eight people on board and we got to sit in the cabin. Duffle did a bit of whimpering but I kept him calm by sitting on him. When we got off the plane, we then had to get on a speedboat.Iit was all really exciting, in fact, I’m thinking of having a career change to being a Bond Girl.

Holidays come with a whole new set of rules. I wasn’t allowed to sleep in the bed and certainly wasn’t allowed to lay across the back of the sofas in our hotel at Hell Bay. On our first proper day, we had to walk the whole way round Bryher – which is hard work if your legs are tiny. There are lots of huge boulders, mini mountains to me, and I dared myself to climb right to the top of one and had to be rescued. Sadly not by Prince William or another handsome helicopter pilot, but by Georgie, who’s not much older than me. 

swimming2I can swim!

Someone forgot to pack my swimming costume so I had to swim in my birthday suit, but nobody seemed to notice. In fact, being naked on the beach seems to be all the rage for doggies on holiday. I’ve never been in the sea before, but I discovered that I am really rather a good swimmer, which is just as well as I fell overboard on our boat trip, but I was able to save myself by swimming ashore. I was really rather proud of myself and thought I was going to get a pat on the back, but instead I got told off for being naughty and making everyone worried. Next time I might just sink – that will show them.

This evening Duffle and I had to stay home alone in the hotel while everyone else went out for Sunday roast at a place called Vine Café. Everything is cooked by two ladies, Cath and Ruth, who wear pinnies. Cath’s husband, Brendan, helps out as the waiter when he’s not being the local postman. Dogs are welcome, but it was dark and there are no street lights and the editor said I didn’t have a hi-vis jacket and after the boat incident she didn’t want the stress of me getting in a pickle. I think it was really because she was planning on drinking the wine they took with them and somehow that affects her walking.

This morning we had to pack to leave. Duffle and I had made lots of friends at the hotel and couldn’t see why we couldn’t stay. Some of them even gave us little treats of bacon under the table at breakfast. Why can’t holidays last forever?

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