The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 24 November


Over the weekend, I did a very foolish thing that could have cost me my life, but thankfully I was saved by the wonderful 24-hour vets. While everyone was out early on Saturday evening, I jumped up on to one of the dining chairs and then on to the dining table and stole a bar of dark chocolate which I then quickly gulped down in a matter of minutes. luckily, I am terrible at cleaning up so I left the wrappers all over the floor as irrefutable proof that I had done something very stupid. I now know that dogs must never, ever eat chocolates. nor should they be given even the tiniest bit of chocolate as a treat – I know that people do this and the vet says that they are playing with fire. It’s not the chocolate itself but the theobromine it contains that is toxic to dogs, and even the smallest amounts can prove fatal. In my case, I ate a 25g bar. That doesn’t seem a lot but it is too much for a little dog like me. Thankfully, we live in a big city and I was able to be whizzed straight to an all- night vets. I can’t say it was pleasant. They had to induce vomiting and then put me on a drip to rehydrate me. Duffle came with me to make sure I wasn’t too terrified but he wasn’t able to stay overnight on the dog ward and that did get a bit frightening. I had never been away from home before. I was lucky. The vet said that if more of the chocolate had got into my system, I would have needed more serious treatment. I would have had a seizure and probably a heart attack. I know this all does sound rather scary, I am still shaken myself, but I hope that it is helpful to know. The vet said to ask readers not to put any dangly chocolate treats on the Christmas tree as these can be stolen without anyone knowing, and to be very firm. no matter how good your dog is at begging, and I am beginning to think I could be a champion, you just have to say no.


Because I was so poorly, I have been off work all week and now that I am back, Jo, our first aider, is insisting that I am never far from the first aid box. She takes her role very seriously and I can see that I might be a bit of a liability, but none of the bandages actually fit me and I don’t like the look (or the smell) of the TCP.


Melonie is almost delirious with happiness as she went across the road and actually met Flat Cat. He has a cat friend who is too shy to come to the window but it’s a grey tabby called Heinz. Flat Cat’s real name is Beans but, for us, he will always be known as the cat that lives in the flat. And hopefully that’s where he’ll stay!

See you next week
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