Esthederm Beauty Review

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By Annette Kellow

This week I was asked to review the cutting edge skincare beauty brand Esthederm, of which is available at Space NK, London and also online. Of course, needing a little skin TLC I jumped at the chance!

Since it’s inception in 1978, Esthederm has been treating ageing from a different perspective, seeing the skin ‘ecosystem’ as a whole rather than one particular area. I am always fascinated by the intricate link between science and beauty- an ideal that Estherderm encompasses with it’s highly advanced skincare strategies. For this they use an anti-oxidising system and are the first patents of Cellular water which repairs dermal on a deeper level (the bottom layers of the skin).

I started with Osmoclean, a replenishing cleansing milk which can also be used as a makeup remover. As the weather has been so hot lately it cools the skin whilst cleansing and purifying. I also coin this ‘the lazy tool,’ as it does a double action by removing makeup yet softens the skin- perfect if you just can’t be bothered to use separate products! If you have a build up, you can also cleanse twice.

This was followed closely by the L’osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser which is like a spa in a bottle! The trick is to use a smoothing massage around the skin so that it really works the cleanser in to truly lift impurities from the skin. By doing this you can see and feel it turn into a thick creamy lather, working with the balance of the skin flora and into the pores to fight all the toxins that can invade them.

Even if you are not a huge fan of makeup there are other factors to consider when cleaning pores. Traffic, weather and even stress can cause a build up of clogged pores which can become too dry or oily depending. Left over time this can even scar and cause further skin problems. It is also the golden rule of skincare- to deep clean skin on a more advanced level which helps prevent ageing.

Lastly I spritzed Eau Cellulaire Mist all over my face and neck. This moisturizing anti-oxidant revitalizes skin thanks to its formula, which is enriched with hyaluronic acid. When applied after other skin treatments, it transforms your daily beauty routine into an age-defying ritual. I also liked how cooling it was on the skin whilst it’s texture had a light airy feeling without being too heavy or sticky. This product is definitely one for the handbag and to take while on the go! Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and does more for our health than we care to think about. It protects whilst also getting rid of toxins and so it makes sense to hydrate and treat it with the care that it deserves. As with most beauty skincare regimes, it’s all about the maintenance! It would be wonderful to think we could simply use a product once and we would have an instant result but Esthederms aesthetic is all about maintaining and nourishing on a continuous basis. Clean never felt so good!

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