The Female Butler: use your experience



The traditional notions of the male butler are being gradually put aside as more female candidates realise that they too can access the previously male-dominated area of domestic service.

As many women are organised, adept at multi-tasking and naturally good at considering the needs of others, it seems unsurprising that in recent years the female butler is becoming a popular choice for the busy high-net worth family. 

The butler role is no longer preoccupied with the stiff formality of years gone by and is now a hybrid of house manager and butler. Today, on top of pouring the champagne and polishing the silver, the butler must be brilliant at overseeing and taking part in a seamlessly calm transition from one household duty to the next. Staff and rota management, working closely with the chef over dinner party and events menus and knowing how to re-set a complicated security alarm are everyday tasks for the modern butler, as well as being trustworthy enough to do some financial PA duties. The discerning female candidate will see an opening to a rewarding and lucrative career as a butler / house manager if she is able to utilise and exploit all her relevant skills and experience. 

Perhaps you have worked in restaurants or had some experience as a PA or a nanny and want to move into being a butler / house manager. This former experience can be a real asset for the modern butler duties, which can involve supporting and maintaining many different parts of family life. As a female butler, you might act as confidant to your Principal, as once a Lady's Maid did. You might help her with dressing, choosing wardrobes and with deciding on table service and guest seating at important dinners. You might be called on for your intuition or insight into certain areas of the household. If you are qualified and experienced, as well as discreet, committed and honest, being a female butler can put you amongst the finest of domestic service staff, not only in terms of a top salary but a prized position in a luxurious and prestigious household. 

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