Finding Hope

Above: A Whistle Down Farm Adventure Finding Hope by Nicola Baker (shown right)
A note from children’s author and TV star of Our Farm in the Dales, Nicola Baker on her new children’s book Finding Hope: A Whistledown Farm Adventure.

Whistledown Farm is a world I love and hopefully you’ll get a taste of farm life and the ups and downs that go along with it in Finding Hope: A Whistledown Farm Adventure.

It’s a lifelong dream of mine to see a book I’ve written on the shelf of a bookshop and in the hands of readers, and I truly hope you enjoy it. Rachael Dean’s gorgeous illustrations bring the book to life beautifully and I couldn’t be happier to have her artwork throughout.

Our television series Our Farm in the Dales was taken into the hearts of viewers who loved seeing us all get stuck in together, the beautiful countryside and all the animals on the farm. In writing my debut children’s book, I’ve tried to capture the magic of what I, and my family, love about farm life and put some of that into the Whistledown Farm series.

Rural life is something I instantly fell in love with and still adore today. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I’ve spent nearly thirty years being part of that world and I’m happiest getting up close to animals and finishing the day muddy and tired. I guess sometimes we don’t know what we’re going to love in life until we get to experience it.

Enjoy your visit to Whistledown Farm!

Nicola x

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