Guilty or Not Guilty?

By Ben Felsenburg

There’s no shortage of prisoners who have been falsely imprisoned – at least if you ask the inmates. But out of all those who protest their innocence, how would you decide which of them might truly have been wrongly jailed? In the two-part documentary series Conviction: Murder in Suburbia (Tuesday, BBc2, 9pm), campaigning investigator Louise Shorter takes on a darkly fascinating case of a possible miscarriage of justice.

Glyn Razzell has served more than 15 years for the murder of his wife Linda. The police arrested him just days after she disappeared in Swindon. The couple had been going through an acrimonious divorce. Her blood was found in the boot of a car he had been driving. The jury at the subsequent murder trial duly returned a guilty verdict. However, Linda's body has never been found, and even as Razzell nears the end of his minimum time served of 16 years inside, he still insists he has no clue as to what happened to his wife. The forensically cool- headed shorter takes on the case, along with her team of lawyers and crime experts at the inside justice charity, and starts to pull away at threads of evidence. Amid the gripping unfolding revelations there’s a shocking development with the emergence of an alternative culprit for the murder. Razzell is soft-spoken, composed and articulate on the phone to Shorter. Still, what she learns will leave you with little sympathy for the man even as you are gripped by the case.