Hats Off To Fairfax & Favor

Fairfax & Favor is a multi-award-winning brand at the very forefront of British Luxury Fashion. They create timeless investments for anyone with a passion for style and adventure.

In April, Fairfax & Favor donated a percentage of all online sales to the charity NHS Charities Together, raising a staggering £61,123.97. Following that, co-founders Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker designed a special limited-edition navy and white NHS suede tassel, which can be paired with their celebrated boot range, priced at £25 which launched in May with 100% of profits being donated to the special cause.

To date, the brand has proudly raised over £80,000! Fairfax & Favor will be continuing their charitable tassel initiative into the month of June, with the addition of their new Fairfax & Favor Limited Edition blue caps with the aim of raising the total to £100,000 by the end of the month.

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