Have the Foggiest Idea

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You’re sitting around, waiting for the BIG IDEA, the one that’s going to change your life beyond your wildest dreams, and some irritating wag quotes Thomas Edison at you: Creativity (or genius) is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. He presents this quote proudly, as if he’s knitted it. You’re thinking, maybe I should buy shares in deodorant….

Edison invented the light bulb, but not the light bulb moment; in fact, he didn’t have a light bulb moment, famously trying, and failing 1000 times to make the darned thing, later saying these attempts were not failures but “steps” to the creation. That’s my kind of re-branding, where failures are steps, and setbacks can be chalked up as progress.

That person who “suddenly” got the idea that generated a six figure income, while “lying in the bath,” presumably got out of the bath at some point and started to put in the graft, though so many ideas seem to have been started this way, it would be tempting just to take more baths.

But what do you do when your ideas have run dry and all your buckets are broken? Where do you go for that 1% inspiration, or are you so devoid of inspiration that you can’t actually remember what inspires you? Here are some ways to turn that a creative dripping tap into a proper wild brainstorm:

  • Don't set the bar too high. One client who liked making creative sandwiches, wanted to go from bread bin to Pret a Manger overnight, then it became overwhelming so burned out.  Start small.
  • Venture out in “the spirit of curiosity”. There are countless taster courses, how-to workshops, weekend boot camps which will give you chance to explore ideas without too much investment and you get to ask the experts too.
  • Think back to all the things you are naturally drawn to – hobbies, the mags and books you read, people you are interested in and write it all out and brain dump your options on a large sheet of paper.
  • Dare to walk around in nature without a mobile or headphones and see what bubbles to the surface. Give it time.
  • As yourself if you could guarantee success even with the wildest idea what would you do now?
  • Drop the “what will people think?” and let your desire to have a passionate life outweigh banal approval.
  • Stop straining for something original. Do what feels easy, fun and engaging. You don't have to reinvent the bagel.
  • Don't overthink it or you will never do it, drop perfectionism and start physically taking a step towards it.
  • The Millionaire Dropout by Vincent Stazione is a great read and a good start.
  • Get support. A friend, mentor or coach to help you get clarity.

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