Having and Eating It

By Louis Barfe

Listening to a radio show daily is a big commitment, particularly when there are so many good things around to which ears must be lent. So, the ‘best of’ podcast is a very welcome bit of kit, and there are few better to be found anywhere than Johnny Vaughan’s podcast harvested from his Radio X show (www.radiox.co.uk). 

Vaughan’s one of those presenters, like Danny Baker, whose mouth is wired to a lightning-fast brain, and his team of Gavin Woods, Sunta Templeton, Big Si and Little Si are more than able to keep up. The podcast then is the essence of 15 hours of weekly radio, distilled into an hour.

On the subject of the POTUS on last week’s podcast, Vaughan realised that Trump thinks running America is as simple as buying a bit of land and plonking a golf course on it. Recalling a bizarre interview in which Donald Trump claimed to
‘have Aberdeen’, Vaughan went off on one brilliantly.

‘Nobody HAS Aberdeen,’ he said. ‘Believe me, I’ve been there for a night out. You couldn’t take Aberdeen. It’s full of people from oil rigs who have loads of cash. Really, really good curries in pubs. It’s the only place where I’ve ordered a curry in a pub, Aberdeen, and with the curry, they brought me a pint of milk. It was delicious, served with milk and, God, did it need it. I was dangling my tongue out.’ Obviously, I now want a night out in Aberdeen.

Incidentally, in the unlikely event that you’re at all curious what your radio critic sounds like, I was Graham Pass’s guest on BBC local radio in the west of England (www.bbc.co.uk/ programmes/p012crss) last week, talking mostly about being a jazz drummer, which I am when I’m not writing or listening to the wireless.

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