Healthy Pets Guide

Is your cat drinking enough?

Ensuring your cat drinks enough water is important to maintain good health.  1 in 3 cats experience kidney issues in their lifetime which are often caused by dehydration.

Drinking regularly ensures proper kidney function and helps prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary tract diseases which are extremely harmful and can even be fatal, as well as generating steep vet bills.

Harmful chemicals in tap water

It’s a commonly known issue that cats don’t always drink enough water. Even if your cat does regularly drink water, tap water contains magnesium and calcium and the minerals in these chemicals can accumulate in your cat’s lower urinary tract and potentially lead to urinary tract disease.

Cat drinking fountains minimise risk of kidney issues

Fountains are recommended by vets as an effective way to encourage cats to drink more. Cat fountains re-circulate tap water through a filter to removes harmful chemicals and the greater exposure to oxygen keeps water fresh.  There are many to choose from but we’ve decided to take a closer look at the popular ‘Catit Flower Fountain’.

Clean and fresh water

The Flower Fountain pushes filtered, running water to the surface and the high performance Triple Action filters retain debris and actively remove magnesium and calcium, leaving only the freshest and purest water.

Compact modern design

The Flower Fountain has a modern ergonomic design; it’s just seven inches wide and has a three litre water reservoir to maximise time between refills.

Three water flow settings

With three water flow settings for picky drinkers, choose from a gentle water flow, a bubbling top or calm streams.

Prevent whisker stress

The Flower Fountain has been designed to ensure a cat’s sensitive whiskers don’t get wet or touch the side whilst drinking.

Won’t it be expensive to run?

The Flower Fountain’s low wattage USB powered pump costs less than 2p per day to run!*

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