Horoscopes: 11th-17th May

21 April to 21 May

An exciting new life cycle starts with wildly inspirational Uranus entering your sign under Taurus New Moon. Now, and in the years to come, a major theme will be forging ahead with projects that expand your personal range through travel or education. This week, you’re keen to rush something to completion but a more careful approach is advised.

22 May to 21 June

Creative and spiritual energies are being galvanised in the skies, setting you up to break away from a restrictive tie, to build on a vision or recreate new ways of living this life. If this sounds far too ambitious, then watch the next few days. An event occurs which furthers a gift for writing, speaking or selling in your own style.

22 June to 23 July

Recent developments have finally persuaded you that clinging to old ways of doing things is no longer the answer to fulfilment – and Uranus’s move into one of your social chart houses opens up a whole new world of people to you. This helps a business or cause you believe in: keep your mind open to experimental or even ‘weird’ ideas.

24 July to 23 August

High status alone is not enough. You must also be confident in your heart that respect has been properly earned. An authority figure (such as a boss) is about to remind you of why you are held in such high regard, through a promotion, praise or other ego-lifting favour. What works now is a determined focus on work projects.

24 August to 23 September

If you’re thinking of going back to school, enrolling on a new course or taking the craziest holiday possible (for you) – then welcome to the early indications that ‘unpredictable’ Uranus has entered your chart house of personal expansion! An invitation to do something utterly different from your norm is on the cards. You’d be daft to say no.

24 September to 23 October

Librans hate being called ‘fickle’... of course you’re not! On the other hand, this week you won’t be helping your reputation for blowing hot and cold on friends or lovers by performing one of your famous volte-faces and perplexing yet another person with your inconstancy. Why do you do this? Just remember there is a good reason to change your mind.

24 October 24 to 22 November

Authority in itself is not a problem; you respect order. What you can’t abide is being bossed about or manipulated by those who are not exactly card-carrying intellectuals themselves. Uranus’s highly important sign change this week raises the possibility of personal rebellion in an intimate or business bond. Who has the right to tell you what to do?

23 November to 21 December

The indications have been around for some time... there’s an inner need to live life a lot more by your own rules or biorhythms, even if this is just about what time precisely you defrost the fridge. This instinct continues to intensify, but happily, it does not make you impractical. No matter the new life approach, bills still get paid.

22 December to 20 January

It’s a mistake to think that only teens play with their image to help define their identity. This happens in adulthood, too, especially if life has proven to be heavily censorious or ‘formal’. An urge to do something according to an inner vision (and not by committee decision) gets expressed in a project or hobby. Make your mark.

21 January to 19 February

In the film, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, an adult former child star is stuck in the past, even dressing the way she did as a girl. No, that’s not you! But something in the family tradition has to go, and New Moon this week gives you the impetus to move on and change things at home.

20 February to 20 March

If someone says to you, ‘Oh you’re just going through a phase,’ tell them it’s a phase that could last a long time. A fresh approach to something you do is about to be taken up – perhaps a friend or sibling will be behind this. It has the effect of changing your style and raising your game.

21 March to 20 April

For the past few years, independent-minded Uranus was in Aries, exciting your rebellious side. Now it moves into Taurus and this has a bearing on income and values. Increasingly, you’ll want to make money through work that reflects what you’re about – and New Moon awakens a powerful need to act on your principles.