Horoscopes: 12th-18th January

22 December to 20 January

With six of the 10 main planets in your sign, no wonder there’s immense restlessness in you. At the heart of this is a desire to make rapid domestic changes or to contend with sudden happenings at home. Capricorn New Moon is a happy event, marking a fresh life phase of breakthroughs after a long period of restriction. 

21 January to 19 February

Just because you’re inclined to give a very good impression of a bear in hibernation, this does not mean that your mind isn’t reflecting and plotting. Venus’s arrival in Aquarius adds to mystique or allure for you, and in the next three weeks you’ll be focusing a lot more on a style makeover. Romance (if you’re into that sort of thing) is sure to blossom. 

20 February to 20 March

In business or your campaign work, this is a week to be watchful of sudden, and not always welcome, cash realities. The trick is to stay flexible and not hold to positions that may be untenable. Don’t fear changing your mind. Pisceans are fluid, remember! Strength lies in numbers; ie, people whom you trust and know are on your side. 

21 March to 20 April

Most definitely this is an intense time – much of your energies are taken up by career or any activity that reflects on your public reputation or profile. Not the most placid of signs, Aries is in a highly volatile mood, champing for change. New Moon may very well grant you what you seek but beware of your own explosiveness. Lavender tea aids calmness. 

21 April to 21 May

A bigger world (whatever that means to you) beckons, if not in reality then in your temptations. The urge to explore or break out of routine living will be felt very keenly. Events most probably aid you in this but ensure loved ones support you – there’s a risk of unexpected upsets from anyone who feels left behind. Watch your speedometer. 

22 May to 21 June

It’s only very early 2018 yet already the spring in your step is starting to look like bouncy castle leaps. Careful now! Internal energies are ready for amazing changes in approaches to life – indeed, a key decision is likely to be made affecting a financial or emotional matter. Do try to stay pliable in dealing with a difficult organisation. 

22 June to 23 July

Comings and goings in your social circle are a major theme. New Moon may signal departures or the start of something that can turn out wonderful, even if you’re not sure initially. The career side looks to be in an excitable state, and it’s probable that a development here triggers mixed feelings. Sometimes, ‘goodbye’ is the sound of sweet music. 

24 July to 23 August

New Year resolutions were made, yet if you want to stick to the health and fitness ones, make a few more as New Moon invites a body and soul scan to see what needs mending, resting or detoxifying. This is not about vanity or navel-gazing. It’s time to turn your attention to you, and the timing is perfect for relaunch. 

24 August to 23 September

If that’s ‘phantom’ spray you feel on your face, it’s cosmic Champagne fizzing in your favour – especially in all your creative, parental or hobbyist endeavours. Writers, broadcasters, salespeople and educators are especially blessed  in their long-term projects. All perfect? Certainly not. When is it ever? Life can still surprise, so watch spending or the unpredictable actions of any kind of partner. 

24 September to 23 October

Certain other people in your world are still stirring things up, leaving you at times somewhat perplexed by what looks like perverse or senseless behaviour. In a way, you’re used to this nonsense, but not in the mood to put up with it. Great changes are ongoing at home, and improved finances will stretch boundaries of what was thought possible. 

24 October 24 to 22 November

A plan seems to be going well, everything’s in order, and you’ve checked your Ps & Qs. But lurking somewhere in the detail is something overlooked, and even the best of us get caught by the gremlins occasionally. The best preparation for this is versatility rather than rage or frustration. Turn an annoyance into a virtue. You can do it. 

23 November to 21 December

Whether you’re on your high horse, proclaiming your values to the world, or getting worked up about income or money generally, there’s no question that you’re in the mood to steer a new financial course, or settle all your debts, or embark on a new business enterprise. The only peril is your good self: energies are erratic and prone to disconcerting shifts.