Horoscopes: 16-29 November

22 June to 23 July

‘Narcissist’ is such a fashionable insult to fling at people – as if to imply, ‘You’re so vain!’ But not you, oh no. This sudden preoccupation with looking even more gorgeous and lissom is not just about the mirror. It’s about your determination to look as good as possible for a new life or major trip you have planned. Burn those carbs.

24 July to 23 August

Is it possible to be even more ebullient than you usually are? Well, yes, what with the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury (retrograde) occupying your star chart house and assuring you all the attention you crave in work or your pleasures (or the interest of an admirer with good taste in roses). Whatever you’re up to will create maximum impact.

24 August to 23 September

The home and family theme reaches a crescendo and this will prove most satisfying. Another theme is ‘growth’ so a decision to move could be made or a fundamental change to the domestic area which amounts to an enlargement. Career and outside matters will have to take care of themselves as you reorganise your private domain.

24 September to 23 October

Now that ruler Venus is moving forward again in Libra, so much can be achieved through the blatant use of charm and persuasion – qualities which you have in abundance. The latter half of November is your last chance for a while to win over the opposition or a love target, or to embark on a cosmetic enhancement for winning impact.

24 October 24 to 22 November

Scorpio is one of the signs of money (you usually hate talking about what you own), so the cosmic weather very much suits you now, with generous Jupiter in chart house of income. Expect a raise or the opportunity to put finances on a happier footing, though beware making a commitment at this time. If you can, delay till December.

23 November to 21 December

Depending on how ‘good’ or ‘wise’ you’ve been in the past year or so, the cosmic weather is either incredibly stimulating, with new people bringing fresh ideas and initiatives into your life, or challenging, if you’re determined to resist change. A fantastic chance to expand your range in work or love life triggers domestic tension. Will this stop you? Probably not.

22 December to 20 January

Lucky Jupiter now has power to break patterns of behaviour that may have held you back. This can happen in a variety of ways, from absorption in spiritual study to confronting certain people who play on your perceived negatives. An impulse or opportunity arises to start the process of release from a restriction – if this process is slow, it is also sure.

21 January to 19 February

While there may be volatile energies in your chart, with risks of eruptions towards or from colleagues or family members, what can’t be doubted is the impetus to work with new people and make progress through cooperation – if you can contain your capricious nature a little! Business revenue gets a fillip and all activities within a group or charity are blessed.

20 February to 20 March
Hopefully you have a head for heights because something in your world is about to elevate your status – and for all the right reasons. It could be a victory at work, a mark of esteem from the local community or an award for your good work. Or a sudden boost of confidence that enables you to excel and accordingly be praised.
21 March to 20 April

Yes, it’s an exciting time – for all sorts of reasons. A private dream is close to realisation, but do you fear over-shooting your target? You have all the good omens to break away – or to set yourself up in a new world. You do not have to rush this. Allow events to flow naturally. They won’t need pushing and shoving.

21 April to 21 May

Once upon a time, many people in your world thought that you were ‘solid’, ‘reliable’ and ‘predictable’. A rock. But how times change, as maverick Uranus inspires your impulses. While a financial windfall cannot be ruled out, you will also do something in this phase that astonishes your business or professional associates especially. The Taurus bull really is in the china shop.

22 May to 21 June

Powers of negotiation are at maximum so don’t hesitate to initiate a discussion about settling a legal (or other) matter or pushing ahead with a career- enhancing strategy. With a little finesse, you’ll get what you’re aiming for. Ruler Mercury’s retrograde asks you to take extra care over other people’s sensitivities and be prepared to let go those not on your side.