Horoscopes: 2-15 November

22 June to 23 July
It’s not pleasant feeling as if you’re just a cog in someone else’s wily machinations. So, you’ll like what new moon brings – a chance to perform or display something in your own right, creatively or professionally. Also, a new year-long Jupiter influence brings work that you love to do, and greater interest in health and wellbeing practices. Time to pamper body and soul.
24 July to 23 August
The new Jupiter is hot news for Leos because the planet occupies the chart house for a year that belongs to you, promising expansion in some of these areas: love, one’s children’s lives, creative pursuits, sport, and anything that draws on a passion. Jupiter is saying: ‘It’s all about you!’ Your favourite words.
24 August to 23 September
Disruptive Uranus ensures that you’re not quite certain yet what to make of certain business associates, partners or even your own reactions – it’s best to stay flexible in expectations, especially over money. What can be promised is progress over the next year in home matters – a bigger home or family additions, or improved financial security. Try to relax.
24 September to 23 October
New moon brings the settlement of a financial issue or news of a raise of any kind which comes under the label ‘income’. The new Jupiter energy will expand your need to acquire knowledge, perhaps for a new job or to pursue a personal interest. Better informed, you’ll be much more inclined to say what’s on your mind.
24 October 24 to 22 November
A highly eventful time, with a Scorpio new moon assuring you the start of something significant in at least one life department. And Jupiter brings its luck-enhancing power to income and assets, not just for the first half of November but over the next year to early December 2019. All plain sailing? No, but the trend is upwards through exciting new allies.
23 November to 21 December
At last, some great cosmic news! The past year or so may have been a trial at times, but your ruler Jupiter’s move into its own sign of Sagittarius increases your chances of recovery through more opportunities and fresh adventures. Travel and a new study are greatly favoured over the next year. Life-expansion is the theme.
22 December to 20 January
With Uranus returning to your home sector for a while, there’s time yet to make domestic changes likely to free you up to do what you want to do. ‘Me- time’ is needed because the next year sees you working on refining your own personal philosophy as a guide to self-fulfilment. You must persuade yourself that you’re worth it. You are.
21 January to 19 February
Just when everyone around you thought you’d gone mellow of late, rather like a spent volcano, up you surge again, explosively reviving an issue that you feel needs to be settled a lot more on your terms. This trend dominates the next four or so months. And the new Jupiter imbues any business or charity involvement with extra power until December 2019.
20 February to 20 March
If life in the past year has felt at times like a rehearsal, or a joke without a punchline, ready yourself for delivery of a gift from the skies, due either now or over the next year – one likely to bring you career promotion or a significant spike in social status. Gaining greater cash independence will help in all this.
21 March to 20 April
The ‘transformative’ life theme is enhanced by new moon: in more than one kind of relationship, big changes are afoot. And Jupiter’s move into its own solar chart house is a sure sign that a new-year cycle commences now that sees you expanding your base and probably away from what has become familiar or stale. Job or home changes are most probable.
21 April to 21 May
The first half of November will feel like the recent ‘hurricane’ of life has passed and all is peaceful again – how lovely! But in this temporary phase, lucky Jupiter is moving into the chart sector that favours joint financial enterprises and relationships. Now and over the next year, a new partner or business start-up is in the offing.
22 May to 21 June
Social life explodes after a torpid time, in what has felt like a ‘hermitage’, what with Uranus returning to the chart house of business associations and alliances, and Jupiter starting its year-long journey through your sector of partnerships and friendships. Be prepared for ventures in which cooperation is key. Romantic entanglements are a distinct likelihood.