Horoscopes: 21-27 September

22 June to 23 July
Even in good times (and this is one of them), there’s still at least one trying matter to handle – though it’s up to you how major this is. Certainly it’s not a good idea to ignore someone who’s saying ‘No’ in the hope that they just go away. Listen carefully to their objections – you’ll find there’s some sense in their ‘boring’ perspective.
24 July to 23 August
The spirit of adventure possesses you. What can’t you do? A touch of extreme pogo? Full moon is certainly tapping the benign werewolf in your soul, prompting a desire to travel or take up something new. Disciplinarian Saturn, however, asks that you pay attention to realities, such as stamina or bureaucracy. Recognise your limits to make the most of fun.
24 August to 23 September
Recent events have introduced a degree of tension over income or asset value. It’s not that you stand to lose necessarily (despite any fears). But you shall have to renew a commitment or show a refreshed seriousness to maintain your situation. You may ask, ‘Why should I – have I not proven myself already?’ It’s best not to challenge a status quo.
24 September to 23 October
The Sun favours Libra now, bestowing added strength to deal with tricky people – probably a colleague, family member, friend or tradesperson. The solution is to hold firm and do or say what you know to be right, perhaps at the risk of causing an upset. Someone has taken your easygoing ways for weakness: teach them a lesson.
24 October 24 to 22 November
Full moon raises awareness of health and wellbeing, but this is not just about going on the Cabbage Soup Diet (or other silly fad programme) and hoping for the best. You are drawn to a health regimen that requires research and a bit of knowledge of human biology so that you can make the most of a new wellness approach.
23 November to 21 December
You’re feeling a lot more yourself (confident, optimistic, pushy) and a chance arises to demonstrate just how combative you can be when others put up a resistance. Words are your most likely weapon and you’re either putting right an injustice in an organisation or selling a business proposition. Aim for boldness; appeal to people’s ideals.
22 December to 20 January
A property-related issue arrives under full moon – there are a few challenges, but luckily for you, the planet advancing your interests is Capricorn’s own ruler Saturn. Yes, be a stickler for detail, check contract documents and don’t be the first to blink in any negotiation. This is not a popularity contest but a challenge to get a good deal.
21 January to 19 February
Remember that confrontational Mars is now moving forward in Aquarius once again (last time it did this was in May 2018). Now you really do mean business in one life area after quite a lengthy period of prevarication or challenge. You’re primed to make a breakthrough after being told something was impossible. To this, you’re saying: ‘Oh, really?’
20 February to 20 March
Economies are required to make the most of a business or any other activity that involves people pulling together (such as in a charity). This may not just be because of a need to maximise resources. Take a closer look at one or two of your associates – are they pulling their weight? Are they truly simpatico? Check to be sure.
21 March to 20 April
With status planet Saturn at the top of your chart, power tussles are a periodic peril – and full moon brings issues to the surface. Something causes you to speak out against a situation you regard as unhelpful. While you may be tempted to stick pins in voodoo dolls, the best approach is to maintain a disapproving demeanour. Imply your crossness.
21 April to 21 May
When in doubt, get an education. That is the answer to a quandary or mystery in your life at present. You don’t have to go back to school; a book could contain answers. By chance, a TV show may set your mind on a new course of thinking. Once you are better informed, you’ll be able to see through a veil of fog.
22 May to 21 June
What’s new? You’re in two minds, as usual! A financial question is taxing your energies. What to do? Every life has its own particulars, so the general rule is to stand firm against extravagance, familiarise yourself with the rule book and be pragmatic, if not practical, in making a decision. Some ‘exciting’ possibilities are best left for another time.