Horoscopes: 28 September-4 October

22 June to 23 July
It’s said that Cancerians can be unduly cautious or small ‘c’ conservative. So, delight in confounding your critics as you reveal yet another side of your nature, which is both ambitious and not risk-averse, throughout October. A new mental or creative challenge will be undertaken, timed well with the sense of a new chapter in the home or family life area.
24 July to 23 August
Ready yourself for a bumpy ride if you imagine a home or family idea will go entirely according to plan. The ‘problem’ could be with you because you’re still not absolutely certain what you think (if truth be told). New moon’s solution is that you do more research so that you can make an informed choice. Someone will give you an ‘education’.
24 August to 23 September
Talk about a mouth unzipped! It’s as if you’ve been ungagged, and you’re not wasting any opportunity to say or write exactly what you think, almost at the risk of causing offense, and especially this week. Fortunately for you, ruler Mercury is now in your chart house of words, which dramatically raises the chances of benefiting from self-expression throughout this month.
24 September to 23 October
It’s not a bad idea at all to give yourself a rest from daily cares – such as family sagas – and focus more on yourself for a while and indulge in beauty pampering. Also, do say to loved ones what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back. After 12 October, family finances enter a more productive phase through shrewd management and economies.
24 October 24 to 22 November
Disruption of some kind marks Mercury’s arrival in your sign – but don’t panic! If you want to break away from an annoying person, events will provide you with one or two exit points. Behind all this drama is a need to get a situation back in order, and you will be the one offering direction and discipline. Such power!
23 November to 21 December
The past gets re-examined as you seek a better understanding of some strange events around loved ones. How you hate mysteries! Take time out to reflect when the mind is receptive to pure, soulful insights. After 12 October, an opportunity arises to improve income or to unravel a cash muddle. Long term, a new work direction is key.
22 December to 20 January
An exceptionally lively time awaits you for the rest of this month as you flirt with all kinds of weird and wonderful notions about your past and future – and whom you associate with, mostly in the professional sense. View this as an ‘experimental’ phase; there’s no need to make a commitment. New moon signals a fresh career development or question.
21 January to 19 February
The world knows about your famous unpredictability (you call it ‘readiness to react’) and you won’t disappoint this week as you zig-zag through a family or career matter, creating mayhem. Is this necessarily a bad thing? What’s not required right now is pig-headed, certainty, so your capricious approach may very well enable the right solution to surface, just by accident
20 February to 20 March
Calling in a debt is the theme of your new moon, but not just in the financial sense. It can also mean the keeping of a promise made by a partner or professional associate – time they made good! Ready yourself for increased travel or a need to advance your education. Fate wants to see spirit expansion.
21 March to 20 April
It’s just as well your psychic antennae are twitching sharply. There’s much hiding away in the ether for you to pick up on. On the surface of life, property and/ or joint finances are very much in mind – certainly, some sort of planning is underway. But can you trust what you’re told? Not really. Research of any kind will produce the gold of truth.
21 April to 21 May
What you’re really doing is testing a situation – you want to know whether a certain someone has what it takes to be a partner or do a job for you. But mind you don’t overplay your cards and put off the talent! If there is a ‘vacancy’ in your life to fill, look much further afield – perhaps overseas or in a new direction.
22 May to 21 June
The rest of this month will prove intensely busy, and you shouldn’t complain. So much ground can be covered of a practical or detailed nature, and don’t decline any opportunity to build up professional relationships with colleagues. New moon indicates fresh creative impetus when what you love doing most is highly favoured. In a sense, you’re in your element.