Horoscopes: 30 November- 13 December

22 June to 23 July
There’s a back-to-basics feel about your chart. If you’re wise, focus more on the here and now and less on big ideas/plans – which are best ‘parked’ for the time being. Immerse yourself in a work project and take steps to improve your health: it is in these areas that you’ll feel the most fulfilled. The bigger picture returns as a theme after the festive celebrations.
24 July to 23 August
More than probably you’re not quite certain where you stand over a financial question – a partner or bank could be the problem. The solution is to hold fire and not make a big issue of it; this is not the best period for making executive decisions. Focus on lighter, creative subjects, where people can see you at your most beguiling.
24 August to 23 September
The ‘home’ theme that’s dominated your chart for a while culminates in this phase under the new Moon on 7 December: events conspire to take you in a fresh, bold direction, with important consequences for the family in the lead up to the festivities. With ruler Mercury moving direct at about the same time, double-check details, assurances and small print.
24 September to 23 October
A health or general wellbeing question requires patience as medicines or natural processes take their time on the way to recovery. Ruler Venus’s entry into chart house of finance most definitely lifts the mood, and you’ll be tempted to be extravagant – lucky for loved ones at Christmas! Avoid making any heavy commitments now: the latter half of December looks more favourable.
24 October 24 to 22 November
Beware the excitability of certain others: you can have too much of a good thing, and stimulating people may also lack balance or consistency. You must now play the ‘rock’ if you wish to get the best out of social or romantic situations. A new cash cycle beckons, but avoid fast deals or agreements: profit derives from playing the long game.
23 November to 21 December
There’s quite a disconnect between the glorious potential in your chart and how you’re feeling. A suspicion that someone in your life is not playing by the rules will be allayed (or confirmed) after Mercury turns direct on 6 December. The new Moon in your sign on the 7th augurs a new chapter in a relationship, which is disconcerting yet also liberating.
22 December to 20 January
The charisma of Venus blesses business and charitable connections, especially on and after 2 December. No matter how you feel, socially and financially, life starts to move a lot more easily as people seek you out for usually positive reasons. Avoid rigidity over one big plan – chances are that you end up with something better by letting events take their course.
21 January to 19 February
Of all the signs, yours is the best primed for the festive season, thanks to Venus presiding atop your chart. Is it possible you’re glowing with charm? Perhaps an exaggeration, but so much will be gained by the simple exercise of extending minor courtesies and wearing your eccentricities on your sleeve. New Moon on 7 December brings a fresh business opportunity.
20 February to 20 March
Indecisiveness is usually billed as a negative – after all, doesn’t it impede your ability to act? Sometimes, however, it is a good idea to hold back and contemplate, especially when dynamic Mars merges with your ruler Neptune. There is a golden chance to make progress in your career or socially, but heed inner concerns. Don’t be rushed – you have time yet.
21 March to 20 April
In your natural state, you’re impulsive, electric, spontaneous and supremely assertive. But even you recognise now that to get to a new point in your life (professionally or romantically) some diplomacy or guile is required – as well as strategic keeping of a secret. If this sounds dampening, be assured it’s not. The end will justify the means, in this instance.
21 April to 21 May
over a significant point in your chart, it’s tempting to assure you that love or sex life is on a high. Let’s put it another way: because the skies are warming your heart, all business, romantic and social dealings have an advantage. And with wild Uranus linked, you benefit from a most unexpected development. Fascinating!
22 May to 21 June
If instincts are telling you to take nothing for granted professionally, listen to them. Whatever you expect to happen – well, prepare for surprises, some pleasant. The trends for work are very good but in ways yet to be revealed, and most probably via a new partner or association. Ruler Mercury’s move direct on 6 December helps shoo away one cloud.